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Quote: Originally Posted by texas_jack I've always lied about that. Never had a problem I've found that a sneaky way to answer is to give an approximate total compensation, which can include bonuses, value of benefits, vacation time, reimbursements, etc. That all can add up to much more than base salary, and no one can accuse you of lying if they decide to check it out.
I envy you; if I had that time to do over again I would definitely have made my grad school apartment more of my own. Try scouring antique stores for good quality old furniture (while desperately trying to put out the no-homo vibe), especially if you really want to go for a Mad Men style. Another possibility is inexpensive print art. Just get a decent frame and it looks 100% better than a crappy dorm poster. For curtains make sure they let enough light through- don't make...
Quote: Originally Posted by fromuio Thks!!! One last question: when you say that the sleeves were tailored, you mean let out? No, i had them both shortened by about 1/2 and inch.
I have a new BB 36S suit that is 29" from bottom of collar to bottom of jacket back and 24" sleeve and a tweed 38S sportcoat that is 28.5" from bottom of collar to bottom of jacket back and 24" sleeve. Both had the sleeves tailored and no changes to the jacket length. Hope that helps.
Behold- the One Suit:
Quote: Originally Posted by Aaron01 I have a couple of these, haven't opened them yet. How are they? Oh, about what you'd expect from anything by Stone- hoppy and delicious. More so than Arrogant Bastard, but not by too much. Definitely more of a 'meal in a bottle' than, say, Guinness 8-)
Stone Brewery Old Guardian Barley Wine Style Ale.
Hmm. Maybe a black textured or grenadine tie? White pindot on blue could work too. My standard job interview outfit is a navy suit with white shirt and a striped light blue/navy tie, and I think that looks pretty decent.
Rob Roy!
Quote: Originally Posted by IndianBoyz That's nice, cinnamon and apple is always a good combination. The bad part is, at least in that pic, that it looks like somebody ditched his/her cigarette in your drink. D'oh! Didn't even think of that. Oh well, back to the drawing board...
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