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Quote: Originally Posted by GreenFrog Yeah.. I'm extremely fortunate that my employer matches 100%. I thought all employers did, but the norm seems to be 50%! 75% of up to 6% salary (so 10% total) for the place I'm going to. Sad that that's a 'good deal' these days...
Quote: Originally Posted by gomestar from my alma matter, this is in construction. Still not a fan (and neither are the architecture professors, and this is being built for the school of architecture): Almost as ugly as the Baker/PSB/Clark fusion across the street. Someday soon it will just be a huge stone & glass building centipede sprawled over the whole campus.
How about 30 extra pounds and no health care Just brainstorming here, but maybe: nice Levi's selvedge jeans ( those are still made here, right?), quality cowboy hats (or even tricorn hats), an Amish quilt, Vermont maple syrups, Spirit of St. Louis model, antique V-J Day newspaper. How about a Bowie knife? This post brought to you by Bacardi Select.
2 parts Eagle Rare bourbon, 1 part St. Germain elderflower liqueur, dash of Fee Bros. bitters, garnish w/ cherry. This was an experiment...not sure I'll be repeating it.
Quote: Originally Posted by mfrege I love undergrads who are already planning out their virtual lives in grad school and post grad school. Before you start thinking of a carrer as a professor (and it's very likely you would become just a sessional instructor) worry about the masters first or if it's direct to PhD, just know that it is not uncommon for over 50% of grad students at the masters or PhD to drop out. My grad program had 35% dropout in first...
It seems like one distinction could be that the middle class/working class with debt mind thinks of itself as an employee of a business, while an upper class mind thinks of itself as a business.
I played in school and a little in college. In retrospect I might have preferred to learn guitar or piano for reasons mentioned above. Anyway my thoughts are: 1. It doesn't matter what kind you get as a beginner, but Bb is the most common. Get a cheap used one in good condition and clean it well, so if you give it up its no big loss. Get a (new) Bach 7c mouthpiece. 2. Get a mute so you don't annoy your neighbors. 3. Take at least some kind of instruction. 4....
I just went through this last week. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get a higher salary, but I was able to get a one-time 5K signing bonus. Sometimes the person (or in the case of HR directors, meat-with-eyes) on the other end isn't authorized to alter the base salary, so you can sometimes make it up in less conspicuous extras like that.
Quote: Originally Posted by ama Did you not try Googling it? There are probably fifty different places you can buy it from... Yeah...lots have it listed, but when I try to order it and it's never actually in stock.
I know this is probably futile, but does anyone happen to know an online source that might still have some Cragganmore distiller's edition? Nobody seems to have any anywhere...
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