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Well, they usually always WERE, but I just checked it out and now it's up to 900
If you can toss a bit more in, BB suiting essentials are 2 for $800...
I keep rum and gin in the fridge during summer, but never whisky. Esp. Macallan 17? Seems wrong! I also keep cocktail glasses in the freezer so they're perpetually chilled.
Holy crap. Do not comply with that- not worth it IMO.
Seems like most 38 suits have 18" shoulders. If you tried a fuller cut 38R like BB Madison that should fit and have pants of the perfect waist size.
17% of gross, 23% of take home for me.
What color sport coat other than navy do you think would look best with mid brown ('coffee colored') wool trousers and light blue OCBD on someone with lighter skin? Thanks.
I think the LE Hyde Park tailored fit OCBD is a pretty good quality shirt for the money, and it can be worn with a sportcoat or with jeans with the sleeves rolled up for a casual look.
Lemme tell you something. I'm a coward and a wimp. I know this very well. I've learned to use this. If I'm terrified of a decision, I take that as a sign that it's the right move. A comfortable rut is as good as death.
Quote: Originally Posted by harvey_birdman I am back in civilazation. Tom Collins or Rob Roy? Keep it classy- Rob Roy. Having some anonymous grain vodka with a few coffee beans thrown in- gives it a nice mild flavor & aroma without being "flavored vodka."
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