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Got a package of some scotch samples from I'll be trying (not all at once): Glengoyne 21 year Ardbeg Corryvreckan Dailuaine 16 year flora and fauna Balvenie Portwood 21 year Jura Superstition Singleton of Dufftown 18 year Balvenie 14 year Caribbean cask Bowmore 15 year darkest Lagavulin 1996 Pedro Ximenez finish Penderyn Port wood 41 Edition Edradour 2003 bourbon matured cask strength Alas I live in PA, so none of these are available in my local store.
Balvenie 17 year old peated cask- a little housewarming gift to myself after moving into my new apartment. Very nice.
Start a Fight Club But seriously, drunk-hungry definitely nukes sane eating habits...
Firesteed 2008 Oregon Pinot Noir. Enjoyed a lot of it in grad school, I was happy to find it again
Keep in mind that a lot of resumes are now screened for buzzwords by computer, so being wordy could be good. If the visual presentation is clean and easy to read, this text shouldn't be too bad.
or possibly
Yeah, I remember those lunches. I used to call them "toxic waste," which was pretty freakin' witty when I was 7. Earliest cost I can recall was 85 certainly get what you pay for.
Try Clark's Flannery boots- I have a pair and it looks a little bit thinner. Not sure if it still qualifies as a chukka though.
Check out these:
Ugh...I'm in chemistry, and I concur. DON'T go to grad school unless you are insanely obsessed or facing long term unemployment and desperation. It's absolutely no guarantee of higher pay or a job of any kind. There are way too many PhDs thanks to massive job cuts ("You're Pfizered!"), the free labor for universities, profitable H-1Bs (foreigners) who pay universities higher tuition, and the understanding that if you just stick it out and serve your time at the Wheel of...
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