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Quote: Originally Posted by who8mahrice The tiger fleeces aren't the slim fit. But they're still slim. The arms on the old slim fit were slimmer than this season, but the body is slimmer in the latest. I.e. I fit the body on small in the old slim fit, but needed a medium in the arms. This season, medium is snug all over. Alright, so if I'm a size Medium in Slim Fit and a size Small in Classic Fit... what size should I go for this latest issue?...
are this season's tiger fleece classic fit or slim fit? let me know guys... definitely interested in picking one up.
Mauro, Any chance you'll be getting the Wings + Horns Black Tiger Terry Zip-Up Cardigan in Slim-Fit. Let me know! Would love to pick that up from you. Thanks! Best, John
Brands: 1. Wings & Horns 2. Nudies (Nudie Thin Finn black coated) 3. APC (Black New Standards, especially) Favorite items in my warddrobe: 1. Tom Ford Andre Sunglasses 2. Obedient Sons Navy Island Pullover 3. Wings & Horns Half-Zip Pullover Hoodie
Taco Rosa in Newport Coast or in Tustin Veggie Grill in Irvine Lucille's BBQ in Lake Forest or Tustin
obey's heather tees
Just got a pair of black new standards up at the APC boutique off of melrose.... definitely worth the buy even though its not selvedge
Obey American Apparel Wings + Horns APC Nudie 7FAM Kasil Brown Sound
So i was flipping through GQ's May 2007 issue (featuring Stephen Colbert on the front cover) and i was wondering if anyone can identify the style #/or name of the sunglasses worn by the model in the Emporio Armani sunglasses ad on page 65. If you can help me out on this one, I'd truly appreciate it. Thanks
i'm currently a full time student in irvine (3rd year) and i work as a restaurant manager from thursday-sunday... i work about 30+ hours a week.
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