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Quote: Originally Posted by Dbear Looking for a 2nd pair of jeans. Currently wearing the N+F momo collab, skinny guy. I want the same cut, but something a little different. What do you suggest? Is the broken twill a good option? I don't want the same color...or it'll be like the same jean? But am I stuck since it's just basically indigo? The broken twills have tonal stitching and appear to be a bit darker, so they are a little...
Isn't the leg opening on the SG and WG the same?
Quote: Originally Posted by johnH123 ^^^ Maybe it's time for me to finally pick up some N&F (and you're local and all that stuff). You guys are going to hate me... Which style fits closest to APC NS (did a search in the thread and couldn't find the answer)? Slim Guy would be closest; Weird Guy is tapered; Skinny Guy is a skinny straight leg...basically.
Quote: Originally Posted by C-Note I thought skinny guys had inseams 2" longer than weird guy inseams. Or maybe I'm thinking of another brand lol Yeah, they are.
Quote: Originally Posted by light94 I don't plan on selling them, but it seems like their stacking a little too much? Don't think cuffing would look too good either They don't look terriblelike that, but I think they would look better if you took like an inch or two off. It's a personal preference. I hemmed my skinny guy's, and think they look way better now. They still have minimal stacking, but the silouhette looks better. You can always...
Quote: Originally Posted by phaseshift would you guys say that weird guy is the same fit as Levis 514s? No, they're more tapered; the hem is smaller.
Quote: Originally Posted by AirRayAllen i was wondering, did they take the discount off automatically during the checkout? thanks If I remember correctly when I ordered, they billed the price without discount, but it was soon adjusted to the discounted price.
Quote: Originally Posted by cb_32 ahh, damn looks like i have to wait a year then cus im trying to go for the full year without washing to get these results: Hot soaking the jeans (broken twill) barely loses any indigo, from my experience, it's really unnoticable. Just takes away the sheen.
Quote: Originally Posted by acl1 to those asking questions, please read through this thread. 99% of questions have been answered, some with pics, and the other 1% are pretty obvious like what is belt size - size up 2. Why would sizing up two in the belt be obvious? Weird Guy's are a tapered jean. I guess the closest thing I would compare it to is a Levis 511. The skinny guy is similar, but with a slimmer cut thigh.
Quote: Originally Posted by markmont fh sexfh05 Con JV What cons are those?
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