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Quote: Originally Posted by acidboy how is it so? people who otherwise aren't familiar with belstaff, quoddy and the other brands get to try these stuff out; the brands gets to ride on j. crew's distribution network; and j.crew, in a way has to step up their game compared to the other mall brands. everyone wins- save for some folks who are aghast by the loss of the "exclusivity" of these niche brands. Because they offer these quality...
Ha, this is a good thread. I've been buying various jcrew items since about 92 or 93. It amazes me that they seem more popular than ever. Their stuff has always been made overseas, but at least the quality for price was decent back then and up until about 2002. Shirts and chino's good quality. Sweaters and jackets hit and miss. Around 2002 I quit buying the shirts. You could order 6 shirts in the same size and 3 or 4 would fit differently. Occasionally I get various stuff...
Got them. Now I'm up to 6 haha
I'm trying to find this Belstaff- pm Belfresh cap/hat in black and brown size2. Mail if you have any info on where I can get these. Thanks
I've got an original ninja hood on ebay now. 2004 warp records/vexed hoodie size L.
There's one on ebay... think it's from germany around $450
snagged a used one of ebay italy today. Thanks
Hey, I'm looking for a used men's Belstaff College jacket in M or L or 40" equivalent. Came out a couple years ago. Cannot find a pic as it's fairly rare. Looks like a typical college style vinyl bomber with stripes on cuffs. This is not for the 'New College' jacket that's current this season, but the original 'College' jacket
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