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It's weird, 90% of zanellas I find are piss stained! it's like the people buying them have issues and/or never wear underwear
They really need to make these a regular part of their lineup. Just a great looking shoe.
Some stuff that's available, nothing like DM7 but some good stuff:Alfred Sargent cap toe boots, US 10.5, I tried to make em work with an insert but just too big. Great burgundy color. My daughter calls em witch boots LOL [[SPOILER]] Billy Reid Made in Italy brown loafers 10N, fits like 10C [[SPOILER]] New Brooks Brothers desert boots, kind of a cinnamon color. Has a defect, see pic, looks like liquid metal dripped on them. size 43E fits larger, closer to 10.5...
I'll get pics later but some stuff: Cerutti 1881 navy cashmere blazer euro 54, so soft Orvis tan/brown houndstooth Harris tweed sport coat US 48 AE Georgetown loafers brown, 8.5 d good shape Jcrew selvedge jeans made by hand in Canada 34x31, a smidge too short for me, straight leg Bunch of other stuff I gotta get pics and measurements before the Missy's kills me for crapping up the bedroom
Nothing wrong with a Roll Tide. Shows class and championship pedigree
Just wear a charcoal gray suit to funerals. Black is a waste of money IMO
Do you have to have the ones with 3 dots? What's wrong with the wayfarers?
Allen Edmonds Mcallister
No reserve
I used to think Betty was just a bad character and supposed to get on your nerves....maybe so. But then I saw that xmen movie and January Jones plays THE SAME DAMN CHARACTER. Even if she is now a shape shifter or something. She's hot but just a terrible actress.
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