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Quote: Originally Posted by soileauj Kent has a Tea Rose that would go very well with that tie. Have one of my own Actually thats the color I bought its a pale pink color. I'm looking for somthing a little darker and shinier made of a material like silk.
Yeah, I purchased one from him already, its great. I already checked his website, he didn't have anything that went w/ the tie. Thanks for the reply though.
Looking for a pocket square to go w/ the below tie Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by jml90 When are the brown ones coming? Yeah, I'm waiting for the brown ones too
I am planning to get a suit from you as soon as i lose 15 lbs! I showed my friend the website, he isn't on the forum but he is interested also.
Quote: Originally Posted by imageWIS The new 335i coupe starts at $40K, so it's $5K out of his price league. I priced a 335i online and it came out to $45K (leather, premium, sports package, 6-speed manual). The good thing about BMW's and especially 3-series is that their lease rates are usually very good when compared to Audi and Mercedes. That being said, I would think that an A4 Avant would be the best way to go, and don't scrimp and get the very...
I really like those shoes, great deal!
BMW 2004 530i Which is currently in the shop due to this
What jeans out there are cut and fit like the seven relax cut? I also have big thighs, all the jeans I own are sevens but I would like to buy others, I like the pictures of the nudies that u guys post
i decided to get two watches for around 1500 instead of one watch for 3000-3500, one of the watches i decided on is a Maurice Lacroix, but I'm debating on which of the 4 designs that I narrowed it down to, these pics show the watches with a black leather band, but they are also available with a steel band instead. Which one do you guys like?
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