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I would have thought that they dressed nicer. Sorry if this is a duplicate thread---I didn't see it on the search.
I have both the Maioco and the PA. The Maioco has a longer toe cap which I prefer. When I hold the PA, it looks stubby, but when I wear the PA it looks fine. The Maioco is a much softer leather and a little sleeker sole (bc it is not goodyear). The PA looks a little more solid. It depends on whether you want more of an English look or more of an Italian look. I wear my BM much more.
You should get the regular collar and a regular shirt. Both of those shirts look like they have studs and are tuxedo shirts. You are going to wind up looking like you are trying to imitate a tuxedo. There are ties that are designed for weddings. Others may be able to post examples of wedding ties. However, very few outside this forum will be able to recognize a wedding tie, so it is not a big deal. Just don't wear a black tie (either regular or bow).
I am a newb but I'll try. I think you should wear a white shirt. If you wear an off-white shirt, you risk looking in your pictures that you are wearing a dull or gray shirt. Even tho you are wearing a suit and not a tux, black tux and white shirt are the classic combo. Also, you will look better if you don't wear a black tie. More experienced members may chime in with better reasons. Best wishes on your upcoming marriage!
Saks and Neiman-Marcus are having sales. Syd Jerome on LaSalle and Madison has some suits for less than $1000. Mark Shale in 900 N Michigan has suits in that price range. Not downtown but try Off 5th (in Northbrook, Schaumburg and Gurnee) and NM Last Call (Gurnee). 40% off suits at Off 5th. The house brand is ok at that price. They also have a few Armani and Versace. The Off 5th shirts are a good buy at 1/2 off. Black cap-toes are $189 less 30%. Decent shoes at...
If you check his other auctions, it looks like he is also auctioning the same or similar shoe in an 8.5D. Current bid is $31.51. Might be a good alternative if you are already taking a chance on the fit or are on the borderline between an 8 and 8.5.
I stopped by. Nothing spectacular. As I recall, HF suits were $700, 3 for $1800. I saw some nice 1/2 linen 1/2 cashmere sweaters that button all the way to the neck that were $50 (originally priced at $525). Bobby Jones polos were $60 (marked down from $80). HF pants were around $150, and HSM pants were $80. Lots of ties at $39 each, 3 for $100.
I used to have a suit like that. I liked the colors and it looked great. However, I found myself limited in the shirts and ties that I could wear with it. Maybe I should have bought more stuff to go with it.
Quote: Originally Posted by JH-Z Hi Guys, Need your opinions on the below:,0,0&format=0 It is a 2011 Zegna Soft. Real or fake? Thoughts? The cloth is from Zegna but the suit is not made by Zegna. Many people mistakenly interpret the material to mean that it is a Zegna suit. A "real" 2011 suit by Zegna would have a different label. The other poster is correct---Zegna Soft hasn't been...
I have seen a lot of Zegna and I have never seen the burgundy label before. I don't know why Zegna would bother to put a Tessuto label on their own suits. All the Zegna jackets that I have seen have an underarm shield where the sleeve meets the body. Yours doesn't seem to have that but it is hard to tell from the foto. IMO not authentic. A pic of the label inside the coat pocket would help confirm whether it is authentic.
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