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They are beautiful, but look very expensive IMO (If that is the look you are going for).
Hello,Thought that i would upload yesterdays fit. I'm sorry for the quality of the first picture, the detail pictures are more clear.Any comments appreciated! [[SPOILER]]
Amazing work of art! I would love to have one
Quote: Originally Posted by bwp If you stick with their black label stuff the quality is decent, not all stores carry their black label though. You can tell the black label by the higher prices, suits will be 100% wool, two ply cotton dress shirts, etc. I agree, it's a lot better quality than the cheaper H&M stuff.
I saw In Bruges yesterday. I can't understand how it is ranked #209 on IMDb top #250... The acting was good, some funny dialogs but I had no feeling for the characters what so ever...
Quote: Originally Posted by nohio I'll go against the grain and suggest that it looks like the tailor would have to take in the sides several inches for it fit you. This might not be possible, and if possible, it could look very odd since the width will still be wide at the chest. The sleeves will also be hard to alter since the fasteners at the cuff will have to be moved up and the mark from where they were will be visible in the fabric. Still, if it...
Amazing work =) Is 1,5m of fabric enough for one pair of pants?
Just use it as a tuxedo jacked and buy yourself a new blazer...
I have the very same problem, I can't buy shoes in the stores :/ For me Bexleys shoes in EU39 fits great, maybe you should try them.
The suit fits ok but some might say it's a bit short. However you should move the shirt-button at the sleeve so they don't fall down so much on your hands.
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