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In terms of popularity, definitely. EVERYONE bought the brown this season. I personally still prefer the FW12 jersey knit homespun for its sweateresque appearance.Sent from my XT1060 using Tapatalk
Ok, so I didn't have time to take any new pics, but thankfully all of my old ones were still on imgur from last season's compilation. I'm throwing this together really quickly, so I apologize for how scattered everything is, but here is everything we have for FW - Current season and older: [[SPOILER]] And the imgur album of past collection stuff HERE.Again, sorry for the quality on most of those. For the sake of time then, it was rushed, and for the sake of time now I want...
No on both =/ sorry!
Gone. Sorry, guys!Sent from my XT1060 using Tapatalk
I pretty much bought the Wii U just for Mario Kart and Smash, but there really are (finally) so many good titles for it now. Smash is consuming my life, though... Glad I was able to pick up a GameCube adaptor without a reservation, as they seem to be in very short supply. Sent from my XT1060 using Tapatalk
22" Pit-to-pit, but I'm doing that edge-to-edge. Seam-to-seam is right about 21 1/2", so I'm assuming that's how Nepenthes did it. I don't have an XL from the original run on hand to compare, though. It's a stretchy fabric, so I'm not surprised that there are some minor discrepancies.edit:That tape is not taut either.
Did anyone ever make a trade thread for EG/Nepenthes? I remember seeing the idea mentioned in the EG FW14 thread, but haven't really checked in enough to see if it became a thing. Kind of like what @noob made in SW&D classifieds for TOJ. Sorry if this has been asked already!
Yep! They come in cashmere too, which we stock in the black colorway. The wool is sufficient for NE though, at a much fairer price. Full quilted lining and earflaps to boot. Google "Wigens Caps".
Soooo we totally forgot to mention we received the following items WEEKS back. Better late than never, I guess. Sorry Gary... F4B0396 Shawl Collar Knit C/D in Olive Jersey Knit XS>XL $325 F4D05135 B2B Jacket in Charcoal Printed Fair Isle Wool S>XL $590 ("Fair Isle". These were printed the same way as the Printed Hats, which are very, very, subtle prints. As in, this is as clear as I can show the design. You can pretty much wear this guy as a solid grey in a lot of...
I wish! Sorry not something we ordered.Sent from my XT1060 using Tapatalk
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