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Ochoa is on fire this first half. Vamos Mexico!
Mikey, come visit us if you haven't already man! I'm def downwards for the meetup. Also, I'm sure Drinkwater's can serve as a rendezvous point of sorts and more. *Subbed*
X-post from EG fit thread: Universal Works EG Vans Hound Sent from my XT1060 using Tapatalk
Universal Works & EG (Fatigue Shorts) Sent from my XT1060 using Tapatalk
I just went on a Vans kopping spree a week or so ago (I generally really like the California Collection) and picked up a couple pairs of slip-ons. Authentics/Eras fit pretty TTS, IMO, but I size down .5 for slip-ons. I'm sure you'd be fine in your usual size in them, but the lack of laces makes me want to go slightly more snug so they don't feel as floppy. Depends on the material/foot width as well, I guess...My favorite pick-up from the aforementioned kopping spree:...
How did I miss this thread? EG SS08 Sent from my XT1060 using Tapatalk
Hahaha one day I'll work up the courage to take my bed-head out in public and not care how insane I look.I dug through my phone to try to find a pic I hadn't already posted here of me in EG with tamed hair. This is the only one that fit the criteria and it's from awhile back, so unfortunately it's a F/W fit:EG BakerUniversal Works Workshirt ChambrayUW Angler vestParabootBonus un-posted F/W fit:PenfieldEG Shawl Collar CardiPost O'alls FlannelcantrememberthejeansRW Iron...
Navy Cotton Twill, SS12 IIRC correctly? It's the last one anyway- XL.
Threw together a quick imgur album of the styles we have on sale this MDW. Cell phone res, but for the sake of time, it'll do for now. Sorry guys, but because it's a Friday/Saturday flash sale I wanted to get these uploaded ASAP, so for now you'll have to call, PM, or e-mail us for pricing and size availability (30% off this weekend). SS14 is at the beginning of the album and then it goes to random older seasons, totaling 56 different pieces HERE. (617) 574-2067,...
Navy Cotton Ripstop is $360, $252 this weekend.
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