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I should've just said that we'll be restocking a small quantity of M-XL haha. My bad!Sent from my XT1060 using Tapatalk
@mbaum Sold out of everything but small (last one), but we've got a re-cut coming, so we'll have a large to sell you in the near future
This is like the Final Destination of RBs. Seriously, wtf is going on this week? Sent from my XT1060 using Tapatalk
Agreed. Something tells me that Goodell knew this tape was on its way out with the way he issued an apology last week for being too lenient on Rice. Did he see the video before the two game suspension? Because it's pretty damning, IMO. Cutting RR will result in so much dead money, but the backlash on this is going to HUGE- and it was already a PR nightmare for everyone. The Patriots cut and run from Hernandez despite the financial consequences, and as a die-hard Ravens...
We still have one size small brown Homespun Bedford... That's my size as well and I've been hoping it makes it to chillier weather so I can kop it myself, but I'm obligated to let people know it's hiding here in the back room...
Sorry to interrupt, but before I forget, here's what we received today from Nepenthes: F4B0396 Shawl Collar Knit C/D in Olive Jersey Knit XS>XL $325 F4D1883 Reversible Coat in Khaki Cotton/Linen Coated Canvas XS>L $720 F4H1580, F4H1559 Button Shawl in Brown/Navy Wool Twill Plaid, Brown Homespun $135, $170 (617) 547-2067, gary@drinkwaterscambridge.com , sreyes@drinkwaterscambridge.com (And yeah, ATG- $20 is absurd for any sort of shoulder work. If that tailor does...
We really like them as well and do a buy from them each season, but they don't seem to get much love around here for some reason. We usually display Universal Works alongside EG as we think the two brands complement each other nicely. EG's audience is huge though, so our selection of UW seems to live in its shadow. Such a shame... Gary and I both have that Baker Jacket from them and we get a ton of use out of it.I posted a thread for UWSS14 awhile back that went nowhere,...
Somebody buy both of these immediately. Any time I find either of these in my size (and I've been hunting forever) they sell right away.
@mbaum Universal Works Baker Jacket.(Mine is from a few seasons back though.)
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