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Awesome! Glad everything worked out, man. That oxford is bulletproof. Def a wardrobe staple of mine as well.And if Gary raised anyone's curiosity, here's that Drinkwater's Pop-Over from this season:(X-post from our affiliate thread here)
Some quick pics of our Drinkwater's sports shirts from this season (SS14) : Small Point White Linen S>XL $180 Blue Linen S>XL $180 Small Button Down Tangerine Bengal Stripe Seersucker S>XL $145 Navy Brown Madras S>XL $145 Red Navy Orange Plaid Linen S>XL $205 Borrelli Button Down (Longer Point) Teal Purple Gingham S>XL $170 Navy Chambray S>XL $170 White Orange Blue Plaid Linen S>XL $205 Classic Button Down Red Striped Oxford S>XL $160 As usual, contact us...
Some better pics of the USNs in heather grey oxford:(The often overlooked hidden pocket shown above) [[SPOILER]] As usual, please excuse the poor lighting... The first pic I think pretty accurately shows the shade of grey. As you guys can see, these pants will be pretty easy to dress up in this fabric.
I have yet to try the 30s on, but I measured them the other day just to get an idea and got about 15.75" uncinched and 14.5" cinched. Waist aligned. Hope this helps!edit: Yeah, so I just tried them on and I'm going to make a slight correction and bump that uncinched measurement up a 1/4", as it's closer to that.
I love both jackets equally and I'm usually happy to buy either model, so it pretty much comes down to which fabrics are assigned to each for me. The Baker definitely has a more tailored look to it though, while the Bedford relaxes a bit more. I'm about 5'7 with a 37ish chest as well, but I can't wear XS small shirts because the sleeves are way too short on me This was more so a problem for me with FW13 (couldn't buy any workshirts), but so far this season all of the...
And here are our buys @ Drinkwater's Cambridge. If any other SF affiliates out there bought Universal Works this season, please post them up! Imgur album HERE in case anyone wants to zoom in and check out the prints up close. Trucker Jacket, Canvas S>XL $215 Baker Jacket- Brisbane Drill, Navy S>XL $300 Baker Jacket- Ribbed Stripe, Earth S>XL $215 Angler Waistcoat- Summer Twill, Earth M>XL $170 Dune Short- Bacal Chambray, Navy 32-36 $170 Classic Shirt- Mixed...
Maybe starting a Universal Works thread early on in the season this time around will encourage some more discussion! The SS14 lookbook only shows so much, so let's use this thread as a place to post pics as well. For anyone out there unfamiliar with the line: "A clothing brand with soul will always reflect the personality and style of the founder and, I guess, this is true of our brand at Universal Works. In late 2008 Universal Works was born, with the Autumn Winter...
My Iron Rangers would've gone better here but they've mysteriously vanished from my apartment...EGPostGustin (Haven't had a pair of raw denim in forever- first week in these)ParabootBonus: Speaking of the phantom IRs, I don't think I ever posted these pics on SF- Boots that are no longer useless in the snow: [[SPOILER]]
Olive XS, L, XL $345
Staple EG piece in Olive Cotton Whipcord- Unlined so you'll easily be able to wear it into the spring as well (FW12). I've acquired a decent selection of EG jackets and I think I'm all set for fall/winter for the time being, so I'm letting this one go as I haven't worn it in months and could use the funds to buy some shorts going into spring summer. $SOLD OBO shipped ConUS, please PM me with any questions or offers. Same as pictured here: Thanks for looking!
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