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Hmmm, I'll have to look into that then. Thanks for the tip!
Hey everyone, firstly, thanks for looking. The title pretty much says it all, but the pictures speak for the great, used but meticulously maintained condition of the shoes. Benchmade in England by Grenson and ready to ship with new leather soles and new heels. Selling for a friend who dug them out of his closet to find that they don't fit anymore. Feel free to PM with any questions or for more specific pics. Thanks!
So this fabric is really stretchy, so keep that in mind:Back shoulder: 17 1/2"Pit to pit: 20"Sleeve outseam: 22 1/2"Back length from bottom of collar: 24"It's a pretty light "thermal" fabric (and soft/stretchy!), but yeah, you'd prob wear it earlier on in the spring, on cooler/crisper days, indoors in AC, and evenings. I just tried one on in small as I'm a small in everything EG and it fits snug, but that probably has a bit to do with me being at my winter weight, which...
Hey guys, today at Drinkwater's we received: S5B0982 Shawl Collar C/D - Olive Thermal Knit XS>XL $195 (Love this fabric. Great hand.) and S5D0397 Bedford Jacket - Olive Ripstop XS>XL $360 (617) 547-2067. Thanks!
I REALLY DO. Thanks for taking this on, bud!
Does the Banded Long Collar Shirt count? I mean, it's a popover placket... (Disclaimer: We're not carrying any this season.)
Yeah, I usually offer EG trades to guys when I PM them about their EG stuff in my size anyway, so a thread would be awesome as it would let everyone know who's willing in the first place. I'd much rather trade for something I'd actually use than sell an impulse buy and deal with the hassle in pretty much every instance. If that TOJ trade thread exists in the marketplace (and it has for a long time) I can't see an EG one being any different rules-wise. Just would need...
X-posting this from our Drinkwater's affiliate thread - We have two Yuketen styles 30% off as part of our ongoing Fall/Winter sale. Check them out! [[SPOILER]]
Our Fall/Winter sale is still going on here at Drinkwater's (30-50% storewide), so we figured we'd post up a Styleforum favorite brand that is currently reduced. Yuketen Canoe Moc, available in sizes 8.5E-12E. $234.50: Yuketen English Ranger, available in sizes 8.5E-11E. $346.50: Feel free to contact us via phone at (617) 547-2067, PM @drinkwaters or myself, or e-mail either one us at / . Thanks as always!
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