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Shawl Collar Knit Jacket (All $505)Dk. Navy Sweater KnitDk. Green Sweater KnitOrange/Brown Sweater KnitGrey Herringbone Knit
Small but good core group (I personally enjoy more intimate gatherings like our humble Boston meet-up). For the next one we'll def try to plan it out much further in advance to find a date that works for a lot more members. Sorry for randomly running out on you at the end there, guys! The Mrs. had a freaky encounter at home with some maintenance people trying to get into our apartment not knowing we're still living there. Had to get on the phone with her and just kept...
I will see to it that No Man Drinks Aloneā„¢ tomorrow. Just roll up fashionably late after your work thing- I'll plan on sticking around and hopefully some others will do the same
It's definitely shorts weather... Here's a throwback Camp shirt from S/S 08: Hope everyone has a great long weekend! Sent from my XT1060 using Tapatalk
What a blown opportunity by Drmic.
Ochoa is on fire this first half. Vamos Mexico!
Mikey, come visit us if you haven't already man! I'm def downwards for the meetup. Also, I'm sure Drinkwater's can serve as a rendezvous point of sorts and more. *Subbed*
X-post from EG fit thread: Universal Works EG Vans Hound Sent from my XT1060 using Tapatalk
Universal Works & EG (Fatigue Shorts) Sent from my XT1060 using Tapatalk
I just went on a Vans kopping spree a week or so ago (I generally really like the California Collection) and picked up a couple pairs of slip-ons. Authentics/Eras fit pretty TTS, IMO, but I size down .5 for slip-ons. I'm sure you'd be fine in your usual size in them, but the lack of laces makes me want to go slightly more snug so they don't feel as floppy. Depends on the material/foot width as well, I guess...My favorite pick-up from the aforementioned kopping spree:...
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