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Finally picked up some suede shoes for this Spring/Summer - A purchase I put off for too long. Paraboot Rousseaus. So soft... Might change up the laces, but for now I'll keep the contrast up.
Yep, was hoping you'd chime in to see an update on how yours has come along. As I said, YMMV, and yes, I've since discontinued using that detergent haha. I now check any and all detergents for bleaching agents just to be safe...
This happens to the ripstop fabrics particularly, it seems - some other users have commented on it and I've experienced it myself on my SS14 Navy Ripstop Bedford. Check this thing out:(It's a darker navy in person, but it's always hard to capture color accurately in here. You get the idea.)It looks like it went through the Hyperbolic Time Chamber from Dragon Ball Z... You'd believe that I beat the hell out of this jacket for years, but I've probably worn it about 10 times....
We got in a couple more pieces this week: S5D1070 / Shawl Collar Jacket / Olive / 100% Cotton French Twill / $315.00 / XS > XL S5E04104 / Fatigue Short / Khaki / 100% Cotton 6.5oz. Flat Twill / $195.00 / XS > XL (617) 547-2067. Thanks, guys
Yeah, stick with your Bedford/Baker size. I'm a small in all EG jackets and still a small in this one. For reference, the pit to pit on a small is 19".It's fitting trimmer in a good way, which I think will be a welcomed change. It's still relaxed in the body like a popover should be, but it looks like it's been tweaked so that whole dramatic ballooning-away-from-the-body effect doesn't seem to be an issue really. It hangs loose, but not pouch-like anymore; the lines are...
Super clean fit, CD. Everyone, we received a shipment of this Andover last week as well. Check it: S5D0462 / Andover Jacket / Green/ Cotton/Linen Glen Plaid / $505.00 / XS > XL. (617) 547-2067. Thanks!
@notdesigned We probably have some older season popovers down in storage. I'll drop you a line when we dig them out.
@agvs I've always loved how you sprinkle in spring/summer pieces with your fall/winter fits for that added pop/variety. It's not an obvious move, but some of the coolest combos come from unexpected pairings like that, which you show us fit after fit. EG synergy transcends temperature!We actually still have one of these left. XL, $240, if anyone is still on the hunt for it. (Oh yeah, and some Tiki Bedfords too!)
Hmmm, I'll have to look into that then. Thanks for the tip!
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