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So I was flipping through Khaki: Cut From the Original Cloth (which is full of some fantastic fashion photography) and found some relevant SS15 inspiration. Cool stuff:
Reposting the link with pics of our sale inventory, now an additional 10% off! New prices have been updated in the album: Drinkwater's EG SS15+ Sale
Hey everyone, selling this pair of lightly worn and very well maintained Paraboot Michaels for a friend. Handmade in Grenoble, France and popular with the Japanese crowd, be sure to look around the internet/social media for some pretty cool fit pics - Think EG and similar aesthetic brands and these are a perfect match. Size 43 which translates to about a 10 US (10 F - Paraboot doesn't use any other widths), the shoes fit true to size. Price is OBO plus shipping. Feel free...
Love the Fisherman's on you. You've got the look for them, that's for sure. Jealous! @ManofKent Sent from my D5803 using Tapatalk
No, sorry... I actually just looked through the stack and we're down to just XS chambray workshirts over a couple different seasons (all with the red button). I have no idea when that happened haha.
Forgot to mention: We have a small collection of chambray work/miner shirts spanning back several seasons going on sale for the first time.Sent from my D5803 using Tapatalk
Ok guys, here's another quick album of our Spring/Summer EG inventory that will officially go on sale next Saturday! Don't worry - if you call or message us before 7/25 we'll honor the discounts, so if you see anything you like hop on it before your size is gone (and they go fairly quickly when we kick the sale off here in-store). Drinkwater's EG Spring/Summer 15 Sale (This is the last time we'll use these poorly lit wall photos too. Better things to come...) The...
Some of these are hilarious[ly awkard]. That's not a load-bearing plant!
We're taking on a little project here at the store that will result in some much better, clearer product photos for you guys. If all goes as planned, we'll finally be able to present colors, patterns, and textures more accurately when posting our buys. We know not everyone on here gets to scope out lines like EG in person, so we're really looking forward to doing our part in continuing to help make one of our favorite brands a bit more accessible.We'll reshoot these three...
@mbaum Damn that's so boss. I hope we get to see some more of those cars in future fits. Sent from my SM-N900V using Tapatalk
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