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@mbaum Damn that's so boss. I hope we get to see some more of those cars in future fits. Sent from my SM-N900V using Tapatalk
Might as well get this out of the way too... Button Shawl: Dk. Navy 13oz Wool Flannel Grey 13oz Wool Flannel Brown 13oz Wool Flannel (Drinkwater's buy) Dk. Grey 13oz Herringbone Dk. Grey Pattern Block Herringbone (Drinkwater's buy) Multi Color Block Herringbone (Drinkwater's buy) Black/Navy Wool Horizontal Stripe (Drinkwater's buy)
We've edited Gary's introductory post to include the names/fabrics of the pieces featured in the lookbook, so hopefully that will preemptively answer a lot of questions. Thanks for being patient, everyone!Bedford Jacket:Olive Moleskin (Drinkwater's buy)Dk. Navy MoleskinBlack MoleskinDk. Navy Floral Embroidered CorduroyBlack Floral Embroidered CorduroyNavy Uniform Serge (Drinkwater's buy)Black/Navy Wool Horizontal StripeMulti Color Block HerringboneDk. Grey 13oz...
I know Gary is leaving for NYC on the 17th for his buying trip, I assume PDG (Sorry man, I should know your name...) is on/around the same schedule. I hope we can find a date that works for everyone!South Shore, ASSEMBLE! I live in Hull Tagging @nsltrls, @VCircuit. Not sure if they're still around though.
I'm in for the 10th anytime after 7 PM when I get out of work. That Friday also happens to be when the US plays Haiti in the Gold Cup right here in Foxboro, so I assume certain spots will be showing that. Might be a factor for smaller spaces. Sent from my SM-N900T using Tapatalk
1. Long Banded Collar Shirt in Black Big Plaid, Hoody Popover Vest in Black Wool Jersey Knit, TF Jacket in Black Naked Cowhide, Highland Parka in Charcoal Wool Whipcord Twill, B1P Pant in Black Floral Jacquard, Trickers for EG Black Split Toe Work Oxford2. 19th Century BD Shirt in Blue/White Oxford Stripe, LT Parka in Navy Polka Dot Taffeta, Cashmere Knit Tie in Dk. Navy/Grey Fair Isle, Double Faced Pocket Square in Dk. Navy Paisley, Dexter Jacket in Navy Uniform Serge,...
Totally agree. I know it's easy to get caught up in this stuff because we're on SF, but it's not a cardinal sin to wear EG off the rack like it is to do the same with constructed, tailored clothing, which EG isn't and isn't trying to be either. Wearing EG "as-is" is strongly encouraged, if anything. If the sleeves on your EG stuff are comically, hand-me-down long, then by all means get them shortened if you don't like to roll them (I don't like rolling jacket sleeves,...
Off topic, but has it been totally insane in Cleveland during these playoffs? I went to one of the first home games after Lebron came back and it blew my mind how hyped everyone was in and around the Q from start to finish. He's worshipped as a god over there, from what I could gather. I even saw a 90 year old women at the bar rocking a LBJ jersey over her turtleneck. Wild. @Biggskip @omgimacarrot Sent from my SM-N900T using Tapatalk
Looks like SS12. I have the same pair in 30 and even when I'm at my summer weight they look like they're painted on.
We just dipped our toes in this season with a small buy, but expect us to carry more Fall/Winter 15!: Linen Chore Jacket $215 Waffle Coverall $225 Linen S/S Pop-Over Shirt (Blue Plaid) $150 Linen S/S Pop-Over Shirt (Green Stripe) $150 Feel free to drop us a line at (617) 547-2067, e-mail gary@drinkwaterscambridge.com or sreyes@drinkwaterscambridge.com, or PM @drinkwaters or myself on here about anything CREEP.
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