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We received a pretty awesome piece today (Just some old pics taken way back in the showroom for now) F5A10153 / Banded Long Collar Shirt in Dk. Navy Crest Print S > XL $255 We've been very busy around here switching everything over to FW and receiving a ton of new product daily, so these slipped through the cracks from last week. Sorry about that... F5A0110 / 19th Century B.S. Shirt in Grey Brushed Glen Plaid XS > XL $240 F5D06102 / Bedford Jacket in Navy Uniform...
Haha I left him in the pic just for you. I thought you might like that
Man I'm with you on that Black/Blue Stripe Button Shawl. It's easily my favorite too. That fabric is just awesome. I'm probably picking that one up myself as well. I specifically am fantasizing about trying the whole asymmetrical skirt thing with it in combination with a Navy Uniform Serge suit this season. But it'll go with pretty much anything. We can be shawl brothers
Heads up - we've received our two pants for the season: F5F09102 / USN Pant in Navy Uniform Serge 28, 32 > 36 $385 F5F0992 / USN Pant in Olive Cotton Herringbone 28 > 36 $240 (Pics to come) (617) 547-2067, sreyes@drinkwaterscambridge.com, gary@drinkwaterscambridge.com, or just PM @Drinkwaters or myself on here. We're expecting the Bedford in Navy Uniform Serge as well this season, so if you want to try out an interesting EG take on a suit, don't sleep on the...
So I was flipping through Khaki: Cut From the Original Cloth (which is full of some fantastic fashion photography) and found some relevant SS15 inspiration. Cool stuff:
Reposting the link with pics of our sale inventory, now an additional 10% off! New prices have been updated in the album: Drinkwater's EG SS15+ Sale
Hey everyone, selling this pair of lightly worn and very well maintained Paraboot Michaels for a friend. Handmade in Grenoble, France and popular with the Japanese crowd, be sure to look around the internet/social media for some pretty cool fit pics - Think EG and similar aesthetic brands and these are a perfect match. Size 43 which translates to about a 10 US (10 F - Paraboot doesn't use any other widths), the shoes fit true to size. Price is OBO plus shipping. Feel free...
Love the Fisherman's on you. You've got the look for them, that's for sure. Jealous! @ManofKent Sent from my D5803 using Tapatalk
No, sorry... I actually just looked through the stack and we're down to just XS chambray workshirts over a couple different seasons (all with the red button). I have no idea when that happened haha.
Forgot to mention: We have a small collection of chambray work/miner shirts spanning back several seasons going on sale for the first time.Sent from my D5803 using Tapatalk
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