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Me too I'll be looking at week 10 next week. SOON.
I ordered a Light Dove Gray 4 Zip MDR and hope to get tracking this week. However, after looking through the gallery since then I can't help but feel I should've gone medium gray. Who knows, maybe I'll love it when it comes in and not be filled with regret haha. Idk if silver hardware was even an option when I ordered it, but I really wish it crossed my mind to at least ask for it over gunmetal
Great price, someone should kop right away. I just recently sold the same exact pair in a different size on here for a bit more within minutes of posting, if that's any indication of the demand.
Starting to get really excited for a tracking number within the next few weeks hopefully- assuming an 8 to 9 week turnaround. Prob won't get a lot of love on here, but I'm expecting a light dove grey 4 Zip MDR I will post pics whenever it goes down!
+1, would def be interested in the painted GATs. Add pics please!Edit: Just realized how old this listing is haha
Hey everyone, selling my Lanvin Black Captoes. Pictures speak for themselves- Worn a few times by me (
A couple Rafs on Gilt today. Most notably the white highs with the rivets.
Yes sir, we have S > XL @ $375.
11 3/8" Outsole, TTS.
This price for that condition is absurd. You've inspired me to sell a pair of sneaks to clear room in the closet for these if I can sell them quick enough. That way I won't feel guilty if I buy yet another pair of sneakers I don't need . Ebay them for real though...
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