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Quote: Originally Posted by hwai333 Speaking of those white MMM high tops, I recently scored a pair at my local outlet for around $70. They were marked that cheap because it was the last pair, I'm usually a 40 in most shoes, but they were 41, which still worked out. The display pair was a little dirty, kinda turned beige color, but who cares for $70 ! $70? That has to be the most ridiculous mark down of all time if those are legit. I'd be...
snowmanxl is a stand up dude, but you all probably already knew that. Bought a few cheap pieces and he still went the extra mile to give me a group deal. Thanks man!
Quote: Originally Posted by Knisse Need to praise Lanvin, my shoelaces broke, i mailed them - now they have replied and asked for address, it seems that they are shipping free laces. This is pretty cool. I'll keep it in mind, thanks for sharing dude. Random fashion thought: As my baller sneak collection slowly but surely continues to grow, I really need to step my sock game up haha
Quote: Originally Posted by dcg ^Miata, S2000 Also Z3, Toyota MR2, TT, Boxster, Solstice, SLK...though my preference would be for the first two, for various reasons. Quote: Originally Posted by Digmenow 1999 Porsche Boxter - $11500 (edgewater) Quote: Originally Posted by skalogre Yep. See above. The answer is always Miata. Looks like I have a lot of searching to do haha but you...
Quote: Originally Posted by shahanshah supposedly RIM might be making an app for iphone/android platforms ? i saw a link somewhere or other ... who knows Man I really hope so. The Blackberry Playbook can run Android apps, so that def lends to the possibility that RIM might hook Android up in some way. If it ever happens it will no doubt be stripped in some way, at least at launch.
My daily driver is a GMC Yukon XL, problem is I live in Hoboken NJ (across the river from Manhattan) and the parking there may be worse than NYC itself... seriously, it's a nightmare in a normal car, let alone the monster I drive. So I've been considering getting a small coupe for parking purposes and figured I might as well make it a fun convertible for the summer and my bi-weekly Boston drives. Not looking for anything pricey since it's just an on the side thing. I've...
Quote: Originally Posted by pfurey the dbss sole is the ugliest thing I've ever seen. Gotta get on that Gundam Sole steeze, my friend. Damn, Uncontrol, can't believe you're selling them. I remember my anticipation for your first fit pic after you announced you won the auction haha.
My gf recently said she feels like every single car she's ever seen from New Hampshire has vanity plates because people there "have nothing better to do". We later the same night she said that pulled into the driveway of a friend whose roommate is from NH, who of course had vanity plates. He explained that they're free in NH. The mystery was solved... The end (cool story, bro)
Quote: Originally Posted by origenesprit Anybody have experience with Gibson Explorers? My bandmate just got a V (reissue) and I like it a lot more than I thought I would, and have always been a big The Edge fan, so I'd like to try an Explorer. Can't afford an original '76, but I'd like to try one of the reissues from the 90's that are the Edge color. I have two 76 Explorer reissues (Cherry Red, Ebony), bought the second with the intention of...
MMM blue distressed highs are awesome, somebody kop that can do them justice- they need a permanent residence!
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