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This price for that condition is absurd. You've inspired me to sell a pair of sneaks to clear room in the closet for these if I can sell them quick enough. That way I won't feel guilty if I buy yet another pair of sneakers I don't need . Ebay them for real though...
Hey guys, bought these a few months ago brand new in box and never wore them [EDIT: Wore them to the airport 3/1/12. First and last time. They remain in brand new condition, the only things that show wear are the "42" stickers on each sole, indicating the size ]. They're from the FW11 collection, very soft textured suede. $200 OBO. Pics available upon request, but the stock photo should do for now since these are in immaculate condition. Thanks for looking and feel free...
Hey everyone, just a heads up- Gary will be out of the store until Tuesday. My name is Steven and I'm a sales associate at Drinkwater's. Pleasure to meet you all! If anyone needs any help regarding measurements or anything of the like, I will try my best to field any questions until he returns. Feel free to PM me. Thanks for your patience in advance!
Hmmm I think I'm going to need one of the lighter 19th Century Polka Dot shirts and a floral pattern shirt from this season, Gary. I'll let you know the specific ones later
Word. You would think 41, but they run shorter. 40 is more accurate.
http://www.fishermanoutofireland.com/ ? Drinkwater's in Cambridge, MA is a Styleforum affiliate and they stock this brand, though I'm unsure of Gary's inventory at the moment. He might be able to get a hold of whatever you like from there and ship it out to you if you see anything he doesn't have.
I hate that this sold on eBay right before I checked this listing It could've been mine!
Yes sir they're pretty sickAaaaaaand they're sold! Damn I love SF.
Thinking of parting ways with my KVA Panneaus I bought from Snowman a little while back... My gf hates them so I've only worn them out one time in the past few months I've owned them I think it's better I move them so I can kop something I could put in the rotation freely (Melonadejello's Margiela Highs, perhaps?) I'll post an interest check on B&S later, but I figured I'd give you guys the first word. They're pretty awesome, I wish I made more use of them: Size...
Beat GATs done right. So you solved the mystery of the colorway! Predistressed or not, I think they look great. GLWS!
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