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You guys know these- Awesome Deck Boots by Rouge's Gallery out of Maine; Handmade IN Maine (I believe by Quoddy, don't quote me on that though...) These have only seen a tiny bit of wear from me and the soles have all the life in the world. Check the pics for condition, these have literally sat in my closet in their dust bag for the past year. Just google these to see the praise they've gotten in their prime. This is a great deal for someone looking to add this style to...
Anchor Baker is boss.
[[SPOILER]] Blahhhh I regret my first TOJ too often when I view this thread. I opted for a grey 4 Zip MDR but your 2010 looks sick, Brothersport. I still think I should've gone black lamb as recommended for the entry level, though... Only solution is to buy more!
Just checked eBay out of curiosity to see if there were any MMM GATs in my size and only came away with this: Who the hell is selling those plasticky AF H&M x MMM hightops thinking they're worth well over $500? Didn't SQ sell his distressed highs at a much more reasonable price considering they were legit AND some of the greatest hightops OF ALL TIME?! *Yeezy voice*
Sleeve extends to the collar in one piece.
I bought this staple navy suit from another SF member a little while ago under the delusion that I am still a SLIM 38R... I am not. I'm simply looking to get back exactly what I paid for it. I literally never wore it other than trying it on, so I'm just going to copy/paste all the info from the original listing as the description still applies. I would definitely still keep this if it fit; Perfect for someone missing that slim, navy suit. Thanks for looking! Feel free to...
Hey everyone, I picked up this season's Homespun Jersey Bedford in a lighter grey color which fits in my wardrobe a bit better, so I'm looking to part ways with this piece to get some other FW essentials in rotation. It's the same exact jacket as pictured here: I had the sleeves shortened a bit because they were super long, in my opinion, for a medium. Your tailor should be able to drop them if you need them a little longer. Otherwise, the condition is "like-new", as I...
Maybe a little late, but It's about time this collection gets its own thread. http://www.universalworks.co.uk http://universalworks.jp/ From the UK site's "About Us" section: "A clothing brand with soul will always reflect the personality and style of the founder and, I guess, this is true of our brand at Universal Works. In late 2008 Universal Works was born, with the Autumn Winter 2009 our first collection. My work life reads like a description of the company's DNA...
We have this piece left in Large at Drinkwater's. (617) 547-2067
I've def made my mind up: I need a Whisky Calf TOJ in the worst way. Problem is, I can't decide which model... I already have a 4 Zip MDR in Dove Grey Lamb. Would it be wrong of me to get ANOTHER 4 zip MDR in Whisky Calf?
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