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Quote: Originally Posted by pfurey the dbss sole is the ugliest thing I've ever seen. Gotta get on that Gundam Sole steeze, my friend. Damn, Uncontrol, can't believe you're selling them. I remember my anticipation for your first fit pic after you announced you won the auction haha.
My gf recently said she feels like every single car she's ever seen from New Hampshire has vanity plates because people there "have nothing better to do". We later the same night she said that pulled into the driveway of a friend whose roommate is from NH, who of course had vanity plates. He explained that they're free in NH. The mystery was solved... The end (cool story, bro)
Quote: Originally Posted by origenesprit Anybody have experience with Gibson Explorers? My bandmate just got a V (reissue) and I like it a lot more than I thought I would, and have always been a big The Edge fan, so I'd like to try an Explorer. Can't afford an original '76, but I'd like to try one of the reissues from the 90's that are the Edge color. I have two 76 Explorer reissues (Cherry Red, Ebony), bought the second with the intention of...
MMM blue distressed highs are awesome, somebody kop that can do them justice- they need a permanent residence!
+1 on beaters. For those looking to get the 5 Hole Slip-On look of the Vans Authentics that can't find the CP version or just don't want to front the money, seems to be an alternative if you really want to get the style with some sort of "luxe" branding, albeit just another APC collab. Personally, I'd prob just go with straight Vans Authentics at that point for half the cash and significantly more color choices than "beige" and white w/ blue accents. --Somebody who...
SQ, break up the baller sneaker starter kit for individual purchase!
Quote: Originally Posted by sq4you taking offers on MMM all black leather distressed hightops. Does this mean that the baller sneaker starter kit is being broken up? And if so, what's the breakdown? <- Pony Hair GATs in a previous life.
I weep that this day has come... Let us know if/ when you're splitting the package of MMMs. "The finest ponies were slaughtered so you could ball out in these shoes"
Quote: Originally Posted by pfurey I have the cps vans, and they're the ones that drew blood once. MMM or bust. FS: CP 5 Hole Slip On, NWBlood
Quote: Originally Posted by Dbear Before asking the obligatory, "this is my size, what size CP should I get.."...I swore I saw a sizing chart in this thread before...was that for CP? or what it for the many other shoe threads...? http://www.styleguise.net/forums/ind...ml/_/sneakers/ It's a work in progress, a lot of the guys over at the Baller Sneaker thread have been putting their measurements in, but there are a lot of sizes/styles...
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