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Quote: Originally Posted by dmash1080 My blue margiela high tops size 41 aren't going to work for me. PM me if you want them. Ahhhhh man... If only you could've decided this a few hours earlier in the AM. Kopped Velcro Highs 3-4 hours prior to your post in 41 as well. *Collective facepalm from rest of SF community*
Quote: Originally Posted by uNiCoRnPriNcEsSx Anyone else jump on that Nicholas K hoodie on Gilt today? missed it
Added record for CP Army to SG chart but just realized the laces weren't symmetrical. Haven't worn them in awhile obviously... If that bothers anyone I'll fix the laces and reload it, Idk how OCD people may be lol
Bought a pair of Petite Standards from Kvc06. Great communication, fast shipping, etc. Only positive things to say about the guy regarding all aspects of selling. Highly recommended, trustworthy guy and last I checked he still has some (nice) stuff for sale. Thanks man!
Quote: Originally Posted by dmash1080 125 on Rafs! Haha naw I'm jk.....or am I...haha If you weren't jk I would instakop despite them prob being one size too big on me haha sick shoes, glws
I think I can only fill in the slot for CP (Army) in 40. Baller fail
Quote: Originally Posted by shahanshah because then you could say 'read this ' instead of 27 people weighing in on a question that's been asked and answered a hundred times already in this thread. leaves uncluttered room to discuss more ballersneakers Quote: Originally Posted by sq4you Because this thread has deteriorated to a place where people ask what size to get if they are size US 8, ad nauseum. I can't even count...
Quote: Originally Posted by embowafa My problem with fast food places...the sodium. With WD/IF, I can probably eat whatever I want and still be well within my caloric limit...but goddamn, all that food has a shit ton of salt. Even Subway. Quote: Originally Posted by Cool The Kid Yea that shit is killer man. It's really in everything too, even these damn Girl Scouts cookies Seriously. I'm so afraid to know my...
Random health/exercise thought: Need to seriously quit fast food. Been trying to get serious about hitting the gym to bulk up a bit but the next day I just cave and eat terribly. I know diet/fitness is a life style change, but damn it I have terrible judgement lapses and feel so guilty after eating the crap I do. Just had the $5 box from Taco Bell. Ughhhhh. The "starting tomorrow" mentality is poisonous. I'm living proof haha. Ok, just had to vent about that. I...
Quote: Originally Posted by oboy_oboy Out with a bang it seems. Winn Perry going out of business sale=coppage. S.N.S Herning Naval hoodie was the death blow, but also some LVC and W+H t 50% off. Couldn't not do it. R.I.P. Winn Perry And damn do I need a No Cop March...
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