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Drinkwater's will be carrying the Baker in Navy 20oz Melton, $410.00 XS>XL. We'll be sure to post when we receive the shipment.Idk why, but I had a good laugh at "Gary Drank" haha. Awesome.
XS: http://imgur.com/a/TSbeRS: http://imgur.com/a/RWQHNM: http://imgur.com/a/8tACjAs Gary said, we've been crazy busy so I can't promise if/when I'll get around to posting L and XL. I will say that there are some random pieces left in those sizes that you won't see in any of the above albums (including outerwear @ 40% off). Happy hunting!
Put this quick album together for another member to show what we have on sale (30% off) in size SMALL. I figured maybe/hopefully it might help someone else as well. I'll try to make albums of all sizes. "Outerwear" is 40% off but unfortunately we didn't have any size small pieces left. SALE prices are shown under the pictures. http://imgur.com/a/RWQHN
Available fabrics for Bedford models are the following:Lined Bedford:Navy 20 oz MeltonNavy Wool CamoGrey Homespun JerseyGrey Herringbone JerseyUnlined Bedford:Navy Wool DenimKhaki Cotton WhipcordOlive Cotton WhipcordNavy Cotton Whipcord
Unfortunately no Bedford. The only Grey Wool Herringbone jackets this season are:Shawl Collar Shirt "Jacket"Railroader JacketTruman JacketBaker Jacket
Wow, totally just realized how washed out the color on my camera looks under this lighting (specifically on the USN pant, everything else looks close). Actually, refer to Gary's post HERE to see our selection for FW12. As noted, this is only our first shipment. This is a much truer image of the color of the USN Pant we're stocking (Khaki Cotton Whipcord) :$265, it's a slim, straight cut.
First shipment of FW12 priced and ready to go at Drinkwater's! (Sorry I squeezed it into one small pic, detailed shots available upon request) Shipment included USN Pant, Desert Pant, Indigo Denim Workshirt, Heavy Grey Chambray Miner Shirt, and assorted scarves, pocket squares, neckwear. See Gary's POST a few ahead of mine for the specifics. I'll be here to answer calls and/or PMs in his absence.
Awesome. Now these are some baller sweats.
Measurements from Inventory's site (I double checked them and I find them to be accurate) : Small Pit-to-Pit: 19" Shoulder: 16.5" Length: 29" Sleeve: 21.5"
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