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+1. Orange > Plaid all day. Would not kop those plaid Vandals at even a steep discount.
Servers are def getting wrecked. I started off with a 15 minute update and now I'm over 70 mins.
^ For $129? When I started playing I got that exact same set. I think the Squier Strat alone could be priced for $129. Needless to say I paid at least $300... For a COMPLETE noob it'll have everything you need. I've always been one to say buy a mid-level guitar so when you get better you won't need to upgrade so soon. That's prob terrible advice though because a mid-level guitar wouldn't come with all that stuff you need and if you don't commit then you just wasted that...
Shoe Sizing GuideLet's not forget about this chart a lot of guys over here put some decent work into. It's helped me avoid a few sizing mistakes.Def too big... I was surprised I had to get Lanvin 6 when I wear 40/41 in CP.
That, or they're ridiculously hard to pull off. To each their own I suppose, but I think the latter proves true regardless. Earlier in this thread they got some attention, but I would really like to see a fit with them. Last time I checked there were only a few and they were closeups of the shoes/tucked jeans. They're on some interstellar samurai steeze that I feel would be very difficult to live up to.Not trying to get into anything here, Unc. I've always been a fan
^ Good God... Somebody please get these and report back. I haven't leveled up nearly enough to even attempt rocking those.
RFX, if you're actually willing to spend up to 5k they're selling 150 pairs a day for 10 days. Something tells me somewhere along the line it'll be doable. But damn... And if they're not meant to be worn, why did they bother making sizes?
Looking at the auctions right now. I want to puke. People are gonna ball out all over the place to get their hands on these (already saw a few pairs over 3k w/ 23 hours left in auction) and they're virtually unwearable.
I know these are old news by now in this thread (I apologize for bringing them back up and slowing conversation), but as someone else said, these could def work as a shoe to relieve my black CP Armys of some of the workload. I don't want to destroy the sole on them so soon, and lately I've been wearing them pretty much daily as my beaters out of laziness so I'm afraid I'm speeding the process.They're listed under the S/S 2012 Collection so I have to assume they're not out...
New Posts  All Forums: