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Dammit feet why won't you grow?!
Oh God it hurts. I already missed out on the distressed high and pony hair Margielas because I didn't get the memo that you were breaking up the Baller Sneak 3 Pack.
Get your traffic cone swag on As for white Margiela highs... I don't recall ever seeing a grey worn colorway lol: http://www.superfuture.com/supertalk/showthread.php?t=305808If these were actually once white Idk why they were listed as "Good condition". Regardless, I like the look. If I had whites I totally wouldn't mind if they ended up looking like that.
+1. Orange > Plaid all day. Would not kop those plaid Vandals at even a steep discount.
Servers are def getting wrecked. I started off with a 15 minute update and now I'm over 70 mins.
^ For $129? When I started playing I got that exact same set. I think the Squier Strat alone could be priced for $129. Needless to say I paid at least $300... For a COMPLETE noob it'll have everything you need. I've always been one to say buy a mid-level guitar so when you get better you won't need to upgrade so soon. That's prob terrible advice though because a mid-level guitar wouldn't come with all that stuff you need and if you don't commit then you just wasted that...
Shoe Sizing GuideLet's not forget about this chart a lot of guys over here put some decent work into. It's helped me avoid a few sizing mistakes.Def too big... I was surprised I had to get Lanvin 6 when I wear 40/41 in CP.
That, or they're ridiculously hard to pull off. To each their own I suppose, but I think the latter proves true regardless. Earlier in this thread they got some attention, but I would really like to see a fit with them. Last time I checked there were only a few and they were closeups of the shoes/tucked jeans. They're on some interstellar samurai steeze that I feel would be very difficult to live up to.Not trying to get into anything here, Unc. I've always been a fan
^ Good God... Somebody please get these and report back. I haven't leveled up nearly enough to even attempt rocking those.
New Posts  All Forums: