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San Francisco guys: Are there any other notable stores to check out EG besides MAC, Bastille, and Bloomingdales? I'm out here visiting and not sure how up to date the site's stockist page is. Thanks!
I'd love to see a photo of the orange iridescent chambray. I really like the Chauncey shirt's cut and details so I'll be picking up a couple of them from this season and I know that iridescent orange is one of the available fabrics- Just haven't seen the fabric/color in person or online yet.edit: Nevermind
We still have it at Drinkwater's. I personally own the jacket and it's fantastic.
"Lafayette Shirt"White Paisely DamaskGreen Oversized Floral PrintOrange Oversized Floral PrintNavy Oversized Floral PrintBlue/Green Floral PrintPink Floral Print"Popover Shirt"White Pique ShirtingWhite/Blue SurfprintNavy Hawiian PrintLt. Blue Tie Dye PrintWhite/Lt. Blue/Red Madras Plaid*Navy/White/Red Madras Plaid"Western Shirt S/S"White Pique ShirtingTurquoise/White Madras CheckYellow/White CheckWhite w. Navy/Red Small PolkadotWhite w. Navy/Red Big Polkadot"Chauncey...
The Fatigues we have in stock are indeed sized XS-XL, not numerically. And you're right, these are definitely a straight-legged cut, not at all the relaxed Workaday fit we've had here for some time. Something worth taking note of is that there are cinches on the waist; The UNCINCHED measurement is pretty generous and can sound more typical of the next size up, whereas the CINCHED waist measurement is truer to the outlined scale and what you would normally assume for the...
Wow, that is a ridiculous deal... Just checked, small is sold out (In pretty much everything)
I was hoping to never see the Lego Rafs again.
I'll (try to) be as unbiased as possible here: Personally I think UW is already very reasonably/competitively priced at retail, so whenever it goes on sale it starts to become that much harder to resist. In my experience UW fits true to size mostly, often cut on the boxier side. Construction is great IMO as well. That "Tarleton Jacket" is a staple piece from them, I wish I bought the indigo one we stocked from this season. If you like the way it looks I'd say go for it; I...
You guys know these- Awesome Deck Boots by Rouge's Gallery out of Maine; Handmade IN Maine (I believe by Quoddy, don't quote me on that though...) These have only seen a tiny bit of wear from me and the soles have all the life in the world. Check the pics for condition, these have literally sat in my closet in their dust bag for the past year. Just google these to see the praise they've gotten in their prime. This is a great deal for someone looking to add this style to...
Anchor Baker is boss.
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