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Yep, pretty sure I'm going to be special ordering that shadow camo print duffel. So awesome.
Nice man, make sure you x-post to the EG fit thread as well
Better late than never! Yeah the jacket came out better than expected. Fit pics to come. I think someone posted a black 4 Zip MDR a few pages back. This should be the first grey 4 zip on here, but I'm sure we'll see many more of the model in different colors as a result of the cutoff.
Some quick pics of my 4-Zip MDR I received today : (Sorry about the cell phone quality)
Can't wait! Guys, if Gary is ever unavailable here at Drinkwater's I'd be happy to help with any EG related inquiries as well. Just shoot me a PM. You'll get either of us when you call the store. It's sure to be an exciting time! --Steven
12 hours, close enough.
Although it often feels like the Player Hater's Ball[er Sneaker Thread] up in here, the last couple of sneakers had it coming.
YESSSSSS. My 4 Zip MDR has shipped
^ Really cool, would love to see someone rise to the occasion and take advantage of this. Experience is invaluable.
^ Simply awesome, simplethreads/lawlercon
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