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I weep that this day has come... Let us know if/ when you're splitting the package of MMMs. "The finest ponies were slaughtered so you could ball out in these shoes"
Quote: Originally Posted by pfurey I have the cps vans, and they're the ones that drew blood once. MMM or bust. FS: CP 5 Hole Slip On, NWBlood
Quote: Originally Posted by Dbear Before asking the obligatory, "this is my size, what size CP should I get.."...I swore I saw a sizing chart in this thread before...was that for CP? or what it for the many other shoe threads...? http://www.styleguise.net/forums/ind...ml/_/sneakers/ It's a work in progress, a lot of the guys over at the Baller Sneaker thread have been putting their measurements in, but there are a lot of sizes/styles...
Yep, 5 Hole Slip Ons. First one that popped into my head, but that's probably because I'm looking for a pair right now because of their versatility and they've been on my mind all day as I search all the usual places haha. So clean. I was pleasantly surprised to look at this thread and see that some others agree. Someone offered me them in a trade last year and now that Spring has rolled around I regret not making that deal...
Feel better man Buy this dude's [super nice] stuff! He's a great seller, I've had the pleasure of doing business with him about a week ago and he couldn't have been better.
Oh man... Lanvins are sick, hope they find a good home. Any one contemplating them, kop now with assurance- KVC is an awesome seller.
Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 What is the point of having a trip is you ain't travelling in Maison Martin uhh Margiela! Maybe SQ has a lay-a-way program? Send in $300 now and he'll send you the left pair then you get the right pair after the second $300 installment is received. Lol @ Jason Z (Yes, that's what I call him) Lay-a-way program is brilliant. Plebin' ain't easy.
SQ, I can't believe you're selling the distressed highs... If I had them and they didn't fit I'd probably keep them on display as a trophy haha. I'm a 41 in MMM... it will take every ounce of self control not to kop for the sake of my pocket due to recent splurges. WORST TIMING EVAR!
Quote: Originally Posted by mellowfellow I'm glad you like them! Haha hey man! Didn't know you were on here too. You were a great seller. I really appreciate the great service and shoes Highly recommend this dude!
I know these aren't a fan favorite with a lot of guys in this thread but just got these in today: I'm a 40 in CP, got these in 41 and they are way more comfortable/roomy. 40 CP for me is pretty exact, but I def am liking the extra room these allow me. Any way, pretty happy with them to each their own, I suppose.
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