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I'll probably get that a lot haha. The whole not getting upgrades thing though means if I want the next iphone new I'll probably have to shell out $700 or so, or wait a few months after that release to find a decently priced used one. I appreciate the concern though!
Haha yeah, I'm well aware that the 5 is around the corner. Just impatient I guess and not sure which smartphone to commit to so this will be like a trial for me before I sell one of them to fund the next big phone, whether an LTE Android phone or the iPhone5. I don't use upgrades anyway, so I just bought this one used to hold me over. Hmmm, maybe I haven't read enough, but I assumed the beta releases of iOS5 were for developers and the like at the moment and wouldn't be...
Just kopped an iPhone 4 off the 'bay. I'm coming from Android (Samsung Galaxy S- rooted w/ custom ROMs, kernels, the whole nine yards) but I'm a fan of both OSs. Battery life is the big kicker for me, my battery life on my Android is terrible, though I can take some blame for that through my modding/not calibrating the battery when flashing new ROMs. Anyway, I'm excited for the full iOS experience being that this will be my first iPhone. I already can't wait for OS5 haha.
FIrst thing I checked out was the buying/selling forums. Interested to see how everything gels, but I will say I'm excited for buyer/seller feedback directly attached to user's profiles rather than in a thread. Hopefully it encourages buyers and sellers to leave ratings/details of transactions, as it was so easy to just blow it off in the thread.
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol dude those are awesome. don't sell Seriously. Sick KVAs. My size too... It's been a pleasure doing business with you in the past, Snowman. I hope those go to a good home if I don't cave within the next week (if they don't sell right away). Problem is all of my baller sneaks are black! I am failing hard at trying to mix it up for the summertime.
Quote: Originally Posted by dtmt MMM hi-tops on yoox, $1200 off the B&S price Quote: Originally Posted by RegisDB9 Alright need a quick answer. I am getting a pair of Lanvins to gift. I want to make sure that this is right. So for a size 10.5 foot....the size 9 is the ideal choice correct? http://www.styleguise.net/forums/ind...ml/_/sneakers/ Lanvin has some whack sizing. I'm a 41 in CP, 41-42 in MMM (41...
Has any one checked out the new Gibson Melody Maker line? Simple as it gets, satin finishes, solid maple slab of wood, single humbucker pickup, and a wrap around bridge. There's a LP shape (obviously), but they also made Melody Maker SGs, Flying Vs, and Explorers. Being the huge Explorer fan I am, I ordered the Melody Maker Explorer this past weekend and should be getting it in this weekend. I think it's smaller than the normal 76 reissues which I'm very curious to see,...
Quote: Originally Posted by NaTionS YSL has some sick shoes but they never seem to go on sale... Seriously, either that or I've never cared to search hard enough haha. I would def kop the grey leopard YSLs for the right price. I've always been down with leopard print as well, ala Uncontrol. In high school (not THAT long ago) I had what was called "the infamous purple leopard hoody" that was a big hit. This, of course, was before I even...
How many GBs? Will wait for posted pics, but interested. GLWS!
Shoreman is one of the most reasonable sellers I've dealt with to date. Great communication, pricing, and fast shipping. Thanks man!
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