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Hey everyone, I'm looking to sell/trade my black velcro highs from MMM in size 41. I just don't wear them, so I'd rather get the cash at this point for something I will wear or trade for something I like better. MMM 41, CP 40, or anything running equivalent. Just offer! Worst thing I can say is no. The shoes are in pretty excellent condition, if I do say so myself. Box and dustbags included. Check the pics and thanks for looking!
Last but not least, we received our final shipment for our Drinkwater's stock from Engineered Garments today: Navy 20oz Melton Wool Baker Jacket. Full size run XS>XL $410.00 On a somewhat related note, we also received our full shipment of FW12 Universal Works today. It's a really great collection that I'm sure many EG fans have become familiar with, and by this point it really deserves its own thread; keep an eye out for that and come join in on the discussion over...
Today at Drinkwater's we received: Shawl Collar Cinch Vest in Navy 20oz Melton XS>XL $265.00 Quilted Chesterfield Coat in Navy Wool Uniform Serge S>XL $675.00 Gary was also able to get his hands on some CPO shirts that weren't originally part of our order: Olive Wool Flannel S>L $360.00 As always, feel free to call us at the store (617) 547-2067 or PM Gary or myself with any questions or orders. Thanks!
Aha, so you're the one that grabbed these from SQ before me. When I inquired about them he wasn't breaking up the set of three just yet. Hope they served you well!
Drinkwater's will be carrying the Baker in Navy 20oz Melton, $410.00 XS>XL. We'll be sure to post when we receive the shipment.Idk why, but I had a good laugh at "Gary Drank" haha. Awesome.
XS: http://imgur.com/a/TSbeRS: http://imgur.com/a/RWQHNM: http://imgur.com/a/8tACjAs Gary said, we've been crazy busy so I can't promise if/when I'll get around to posting L and XL. I will say that there are some random pieces left in those sizes that you won't see in any of the above albums (including outerwear @ 40% off). Happy hunting!
Put this quick album together for another member to show what we have on sale (30% off) in size SMALL. I figured maybe/hopefully it might help someone else as well. I'll try to make albums of all sizes. "Outerwear" is 40% off but unfortunately we didn't have any size small pieces left. SALE prices are shown under the pictures. http://imgur.com/a/RWQHN
Available fabrics for Bedford models are the following:Lined Bedford:Navy 20 oz MeltonNavy Wool CamoGrey Homespun JerseyGrey Herringbone JerseyUnlined Bedford:Navy Wool DenimKhaki Cotton WhipcordOlive Cotton WhipcordNavy Cotton Whipcord
Unfortunately no Bedford. The only Grey Wool Herringbone jackets this season are:Shawl Collar Shirt "Jacket"Railroader JacketTruman JacketBaker Jacket
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