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I pretty much did this with one of the items listed for sale in my sig. It cost me a substantial amount to get the shoulders redone, and though the shoulders came out how I wanted them in the end, I ended up losing more weight in the body and I just decided not to throw any more money toward the jacket and suck everything in further, ultimately disproportioning the whole jacket trying to emulate what should just be the next size down. I'd recommend you not get carried away...
Sale pending still but I'll get in touch with you if it falls through. Thanks!
Totally didn't know this thread existed, awesome I'm a total pedal noob despite having played guitar for years Any recommendations on essentials? Other than a tuner, of course. I picked up a TC Electronics looper, a Crybaby Wah, and a Line 6 DL4 the other day as my first three pedals ever and I didn't realize how much thought you have to put into running them from the guitar to the amp!
Baller sweat pants are a guilty pleasure of mine... Where to kop?
Absurd deal on the officer boots... MUST RESIST
Haven't stumbled across Macallan Cask Strength in quite some time since the discontinuation so I was happy to pick one up at $70 this weekend. Should've prob gone for more than one bottle considering...
Hey guys, I've just had a new suit and jacket made up by Samuelsohn for myself and I've decided that I much prefer the model I went with on those, so I'm going to let these navy wardrobe staples go. This will be a great deal for anyone in need of a navy jacket and/or suit, as Samuelsohn garments are fully canvassed and already a great value at retail price. These are both Samuelsohn's "Gable" model, which have a contemporary button stance, 3 1/4" lapel, soft shoulders, and...
Just sold this in a size medium as I lost weight- wouldn't mind picking it up again in the right size! Let me know if you're looking for trades or anything, but otherwise I'll keep an eye on it.
We still happen to have the Navy Uniform Serge and Wool Herringbone Bedford in my size (small) so I took some quick pics to help you guys get an idea of how they differ. I wear a size small in the Workshirt, for reference.Navy Serge [[SPOILER]] Wool Herringbone [[SPOILER]] Excuse my terrible cameraphone/posture.
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