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That two toned black/grey sweater shows as available then when I put it in my cart it says sold out I'm guessing someone bought it or has it in their cart. Dammit. Edit: Picked up a beaded necklace instead Thanks for all the hard work guys! Pumped to see the new SF Marketplace grow and glad to have been able to buy from its first run.
I think these look pretty damn cool beaten up My size but I don't really NEED them, though the Adidas pricing is very tempting. GL man.
FWIW, if it's that really full in the body/belly area thing you have going on that a lot of us aren't crazy about in EG popovers, I had my tailor follow the box pleat and actually sew it so it holds the shape of the pleat up into the waist area. Solved my problem of the front and back falling too far away from my body and giving no definition; Way easier than trying to cut the shirt on both sides.
Duplicate thread.
Any 38R guys interested in a Ludlow suit in grey Italian worsted wool (The Tollegno mill one on their site)? Side vents, notch lapels. Just wanted to do an interest check before I make a listing since I'm on the fence about selling it in the first place. My dress wardrobe is slowly getting more classic and the 2.5" lapels are too slim for a lot of my shirt collars and ties. Retail $650 prob looking for about $400. Thanks guys!
Beautiful- Going to have to keep an eye on this one for sure... GLWS!
Took me a couple spins to really appreciate it but I do love it now, at least on an album level if not as a Kanye West album. I think a lot of people will be disappointed if they expected another Dark Fantasy- kind of like when 808s came out and a lot of people were disappointed because it wasn't Graduation and it was just so different (And Yeezus is 808s on coke). I'm starting to think we'll never go back to classic Yeezy, which kind of bums me out, but the tiny splices...
Great deal, someone kop that Baker before I'm tempted to.
Damn, this installment is awesome... Bad-ass showing all around, guys. I especially love that first Brad-T pic- Killer Thanks, Synth!
New Posts  All Forums: