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Might as well x-post this here (from WAYWT) : EG (Paisley Printed Corduroy Western Shirt) Fisherman out of Ireland (Merino Donegal Cardigan) EG (Olive Cavalry Twill USN Pants) RW (Iron Rangers; A terrible idea as it's supposed to snow today.)
My bad, I feel like I can never get a decent pic in this place. Edited a detail shot to my post.
I freaking love this shirt. Paisley Print Corduroy. EG Fisherman out of Ireland EG RW (Why did I even wear these... Supposed to blizzard today in Boston and these are easily the most slippery soles out of all my footwear.)
Lol... I love Richard Sherman. Game could've gone a totally different way. Sorry, Harbros.
Lynch is an animal man. This game is far more entertaining than the AFC game. I'm looking for a Hawks Broncos SB at this point, which was the general prediction before the season started if I'm not mistaken. I just want Peyton to get another ring at this point to top off a ridiculous season and more importantly tie Eli. Peyton doesn't deserve to retire with less hardware than little brother. Edit: I miss Boldin
Having a little bit of fun at work at work today: (Too lazy to crop out the rest of the square, which went with what I actually wore in til I got bored... Slow day)
GOAT thread You rule, Synth- thanks so much for writing this all up and sacrificing your body for the greater enjoyment of "THE Styleforum" (I guess Gary Drinkwater isn't the only one who says that after all!)
The missing picture/fabric from Gary's post: S4A0614 / Work Shirt / Blue / Red Newport Plaid
Nothing much to say here. Necklace has been sold out everywhere for a while and has prob been worn 3 times. $100 shipped. PM with any questions. Thanks!
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