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Somebody buy both of these immediately. Any time I find either of these in my size (and I've been hunting forever) they sell right away.
@mbaum Universal Works Baker Jacket.(Mine is from a few seasons back though.)
Pulled one straight out of the Gary Drinkwater playbook on this rainy day. Maybe it IS the beard that takes the EG uniform of chambray + fatigues to the next level, which @where it went is further reinforcing with his recent fits. Too bad I can't grow one either Potato quality pic as usual. I can never get the right lighting in here... Oh yeah, I FINALLY made the switch to Workaday fatigues. These things are so comfy. And they don't show how skinny my legs really are...
We still have that knit jacket in S through XL, believe it or not. I updated our S/S sale album here the other day to include prices and all available sizes of the articles pictured:ALBUM
This one def fits tighter in the chest than my FW Bedfords and Bakers... At least from what I can remember. I'll pull it out of storage tomorrow and post measurements.
Irving Jacket for sure. Gonna guess FW10.
We only go up to XL. Sorry about that!
Hey everyone, I know it was mentioned in the FW14 thread, but figured I'd plug it here as well: Our Spring/Summer sale (30-50% off) @ Drinkwater's starts tomorrow, Saturday July 26th. We posted an album of EG stuff for a Memorial Day Weekend sale we had, so I'm just going to repost it here as it's pretty much the same selection. I'll try to edit in prices and sizes today if I get the chance, but it's been a busy week and it's about to get crazier. As Gary said, early birds...
My bad, guys, I've been buried in work over here so I missed this. That's the Hooded Interliner in Brown Fair Isle Fleece.Other items in Brown Fair Isle Fleece:Knit VestShawl Collar Knit CardiganGym PantKnit BlazerBucket HatDamn, @timpoblete holding it down as usual. Thanks for all of your hard work dude!
White 80's 2Ply Broadcloth $220Off White Tattersal $220Eggshell Tattersal $220Navy Polka Dot Brushed Twill $240Black Polka Dot Brushed Twill $240
New Posts  All Forums: