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And today we received:F3C0357 / LDT Vest / Grey Wool Herringbone Windowpane S>M $400.00 [[SPOILER]] We were only able to get small and medium, unfortunately... Sorry, guys! Still waiting to see what happens with the LDT Jacket in the same fabric, so hopefully in the end we'll have the full suit of the Irving Pants, LDT Vest, and LDT Jacket.Drinkwater's Cambridge(617) 547-2067
I really hope we don't see a bunch of these Vans collabs being marked up and re-sold by hypebeasts
Hey again, everyone- a little late in the day, but today we received:F3A0790 / Western Shirt / Black Printed Floral / Paisley Corduroy $255.00 S > L [[SPOILER]] F3F0257 / Irving Pant / Grey Wool Herringbone Windowpane $445.00 30>34 [[SPOILER]] Thanks!Drinkwater's Cambridge(617) 547-2067
^Yeah, I should just stalk your classifieds since you always have nice stuff in my size. GLWS!
FYI: We got a restock on the Miner's shirt we're carrying this season. Sizes S>XL available. See below for a pic.F3A0917 / Miners Shirt / Grey/Navy Heavy Twill Plaid $205.00 S > XL [[SPOILER]] Thanks guys!
I think some Rapello Suede Meermins are on my short list now- the price is definitely right and I love a lot of the suede looks you guys have posted. Paraboot doesn't get a whole lot of love around here, but hey-they're damn comfy to walk around in all day. Paraboot shoes Stolen Riches laces (Idk why, but I like to tie them long and sloppy ) Bresciani socks
Hey guys, looking to sell a couple of medium jackets in order to fund some smalls. Weight loss can be expensive... Also considering trades for any jackets in size Small/46 (Or maybe even slim 48s, depends on the piece I guess) Shipping is free in the US. International customers- We'll work something very reasonable out for shipping. 1. Surface To Air Blade Bomber Leather Jacket. Medium- Great condition SOLD Awesome lamb leather jacket, wish I could somehow switch it...
New Posts  All Forums: