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Haha don't worry, we have decent collection of chambray workshirts we've been building through the seasons.Working on the imgur album now of the sale items, which includes random pieces going back quite a few years. When it's ready I'll post a single link to it. Thanks for being patient, everyone!
Hey there, the pants are size 32. I had them let out but have since lost weight and they are way too big for me. The interior tag just says "Ludlow Pant" so I assume it's just the regular. Thanks for the inquiry!
Exactly this. The popover fits tighter in the chest but bellows out generously from there; It's the intended aesthetic of a really relaxed fitting tropical-wear shirt. I'm in the same boat as Shingles, I could go S/M on pretty much any EG piece depending on how I want it to fit and I've only bought the popovers in medium. For those who find the body to be too relaxed when sizing up because of the chest/shoulders, our tailor did a simple alteration for me where he just...
Like the Grey Jersey Knit from last season? Not seeing any indication of one judging from the fabrics listed... [[SPOILER]] PMs would be appreciated if possible guys- Just so we can keep this thread as an open discussion of the collection. The last thing we want is to hog the thread, especially considering the other retailers haven't posted any of their buys yet. Thanks!
It's a Dark Navy Melton Wool- 24oz.
I'm just as excited about FW13 as everyone else, but it's so damn hot (milk was a bad choice...) up here that it hurts to read the weight of some of those fabrics. My beat the heat fit today: [[SPOILER]]
F3A0917 / Miners Shirt / Grey/Navy Heavy Twill Plaid $205.00 XS > XL [[SPOILER]] I love this fabric- it reminds me so much of a traditional poncho, and I love the prints typically found on those (My dog's name is even Poncho...), so I'm having a hard time resisting the Button Shawl from look Z: [[SPOILER]] .That Heavy Twill Plaid is also available in a Red/Navy and Black/Blue, and there are so many fabrics available for the Button Shawl beyond that.ANYWAY, since the .jp...
Blahhhh I want the Brookline in dark navy but I much prefer the Hawiian print that comes on the black flannel wool. First world problem of the day. Black it is, I guess... Black 12 oz Wool Flannel VS Dark Navy 12 oz Wool Flannel
Yes sir- Gary said he'll post them up here as soon as EG officially puts up their lookbook out of respect for Daiki and the guys at Nepenthes. Yes, it's been online for some time now on a bunch of sites, but unless I'm mistaken, I don't think it was any of those guys who uploaded it so early... Stay tuned!
That two toned black/grey sweater shows as available then when I put it in my cart it says sold out I'm guessing someone bought it or has it in their cart. Dammit. Edit: Picked up a beaded necklace instead Thanks for all the hard work guys! Pumped to see the new SF Marketplace grow and glad to have been able to buy from its first run.
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