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Took me a couple spins to really appreciate it but I do love it now, at least on an album level if not as a Kanye West album. I think a lot of people will be disappointed if they expected another Dark Fantasy- kind of like when 808s came out and a lot of people were disappointed because it wasn't Graduation and it was just so different (And Yeezus is 808s on coke). I'm starting to think we'll never go back to classic Yeezy, which kind of bums me out, but the tiny splices...
Great deal, someone kop that Baker before I'm tempted to.
Damn, this installment is awesome... Bad-ass showing all around, guys. I especially love that first Brad-T pic- Killer Thanks, Synth!
I wear a 38R as well and I'm a medium in this season's Bedford. You should be fine! A navy Bedford is a great staple, you should get plenty of use out of it
https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=sVp1cr8J3q0 Yeezy's back, can't wait for SNL tonight. Say what you will about him, but the man really knows how to hype an album- 66 projectors worldwide for this and no one saw it coming.
Never too early to get hyped about layering up! Awesome showing so far for some inspiration, and that FWK styling
We've already received a couple of inquiries about the stock of Engineer Jackets Gary dug up and posted about above, so we just wanted to offer some additional helpful info so as to facilitate potential transactions:Original price: $300.00 USD.50% Promo (On this jacket ONLY) : $150.00 USD.We do accept PayPal, but since it's not our go-to method of payment, you will (unfortunately) have the pay the fee on the $150. Sorry guys! That being said, it would be much...
This is awesome, + for the Yankees Ebbets Field cap
Nah son, it's not happening as of right now because of lack of response, but I think you can still e-mail and say you'd do it and hopefully if enough people do things might change for the better (Or so I understand). I haven't e-mailed yet but I plan to when I'm ready to commit 100% with deposit; if nothing comes of it I would imagine I can just move that $ towards another jacket.
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