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No prob @nickp! Looking forward to how you work that dolphin print into your fits. You've been doing some killer stuff lately with layering F/W.
Navy Dolphin Print:Baker JacketLt ParkaAviator JacketType 51 ParkaGhurka ShortCharles PantWadersBucket HatShoulder PouchBDU JacketIndigo Cotton Dungaree ClothGrey Broken ChambrayWhite High Count BroadclothBeige High Count BroadclothOlive High Count BroadclothDk. Navy High Count Broadcloth
Ghurka shorts have a drawstring inside the waist this season, so if you're inbetween sizes that might be something to take into account. I just measured a size small from our drop, and it's almost a true 32... Like, 15 7/8" inside the waistband laid flat.
As promised, here is our SS16 buy with photos from the showroom: S6A0112 / 19th Century BD in Red/Lt. Blue Big Plaid XS > XL $220 S6A0547 / Workshirt in Blue Cotton Chambray XS > XL $180 (Received today, 1/15/16) S6A0729 / Camp Shirt in White Paisley Lawn XS > XL $195 S6A1037 / Banded Long Collar Shirt in Lt. Blue Multi Gauze Stripe XS > XL $265 S6B0666 / Knit Jacket in Navy Floral Jacquard French Terry XS > XL $265 S6D0385 / Shop Coat in Grey Tropical Wool S >...
Gentry stocks EG and Paraboot, if you want to kill two birds with one stone. Not sure if they stock the Michaels or not though... Obligatory "we stock Paraboot, can place special orders for anything in the current line, and are the authorized Paraboot repair service for North America." We love Paraboot here.Shameless plug: I'm selling a pair of very lightly worn Michaels for Gary in size 43/~US10. $250 OBO. I remembered I had the listing on here just this morning and...
We have our first shipment of SS16 dropping at Drinkwater's tomorrow. We plan on receiving: S6A0547 / Workshirt in Blue Cotton Chambray XS > XL $180 S6D0385 / Shop Coat in Grey Tropical Wool S > XL $505 S6D0743 / Loiter Jacket in Navy Geo Jacquard S > XL $325 S6E02104 / Ghurka Short in Navy/Gold Daisy Print S > XL $240 S6F03140 / Fatigue Pant in Olive Cotton Ripstop XS > XL $220 S6H18R24 / Printed Cross Crew Neck T-Shirt in Grey Hibiscus S > XL $75 We'll post...
I mean, FW15 was all about a dark pallet, specifically navy, black, and gray. Daiki designed the entire collection in black even. He talks about it in one of the Nepenthes journals, I think someone may have posted it in one of the threads awhile back, but the idea was that black and mixing blacks with other darks was a very 80s movement:"At that time, black clothes were everywhere not only in Japan, but also in many other countries. I was always in black, too. I then saw...
No. Sorry!
Engineer JacketIndigo Cotton Dungaree ClothBlack 7.5oz DenimIndigo 8oz Cone DenimWhite 20's Cotton TwillBeige 20's Cotton TwillDk. Navy 20's Cotton TwillOlive Cotton RipstopNo, they're not I missed out on them this past S/S myself.Just a heads up, everyone: Gary (aka @Drinkwaters) is away this week, so if anyone has reached out to him via PM or e-mail and hasn't yet received a reply, that should explain why. I'll be happy to help out until he returns on Friday.
No Clement this season. Sorry!The Andover comes in:Indigo Cotton Dungaree Cloth (Cinch Short, Cambridge Short, Long Beach Short)Grey Broken Chambray (Cinch Short, Fatigue Short)Navy Seersucker Stripe (Cinch Short)Grey PC Glen Plaid (Cinch Short)Khaki Iridescent (Cinch Short)Dk. Navy Iridescent (Cinch Short)Grey Java Cloth (Cinch Short )Grey Tropical Wool (Cinch Short, Ghurka Short)Navy Tropical Wool (Cinch Short, Ghurka Short)
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