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That time of year is upon us again here at Drinkwater's, as we will officially be kicking off our sale next Saturday, 7/23. For the more impatient EG enthusiasts, we're opening up the 30% discount effective immediately. We've put the usual imgur album together below:EG SS16+ Drinkwater's SaleUnderneath each image you can find the available sizes as well as the original pricing followed by the discounted price. This album is 100% up to date and reflects our entire...
Put me in the baggy camp as well for the long banded collar shirt, but that's not to say that slim can't look great as well. Speaking of which, we still have a full size run of this guy: S6A1037 / Lt. Blue Multi Guaze Stripe XS > XL $265. Perfect for the summer - so light and airy. Sale season is going on already and we'll be joining the party at the end of the month with 30% off this and the rest of our EG buy.
Hey everyone, this Memorial Day Weekend we are having our usual flash sale for 30% off EG. Our MDW sale will begin tomorrow (5/27/16) when we open at 10:00 AM EST and run through when we close on Saturday (5/28/16) at 6 PM EST. Sale items are final sale, and shipping is not included. Because I will not be in this weekend to help lighten the load, we strongly recommend that you call the store (if able) to place orders or ask any questions -- We tend to get a lot of...
SS16 also has a center seam down the back, SS15 does not.
While we're on the whole Chucks alternative topic, that Universal Works x Novesta collab looks like it would fit the bill nicely as well... Yes, I'm just a little bit biased haha
PM'd, but in case anyone else is interested as well:Pit to pit: 20 3/4"Back shoulder: 18"Back length from bottom of collar: 28"Sleeve inseam: 21"I was thinking somewhere around $175-$180, but I'd still be willing to entertain reasonable offers from there to move this quickly. The CPO retailed somewhere north of $400.
Looking to trade a SS15 Navy Tropical Wool CPO in size small. I'm a pretty universal S in tops and 30 in bottoms, so I'm willing to entertain any trades or partial trades in those sizes. EG for EG makes sense, but I'm pretty open minded, so feel free to shoot me any offers, even if that means random cool accessories or whatever. Worst I can say is no! Worn once over a tshirt, so let's say like new without tags. I love the tropical wool fabric, just don't need this...
And lastly, yesterday we received: S6B0666 / Knit Jacket in Navy Floral Jacquard French Terry XS > XL $265 S6D0673 / Baker Jacket in Dk. Navy Java Cloth XS > XL $360 We'll be taking some pictures here at the store in the near future, so we'll bring you a better look at that Baker in particular, which has a faint print to it that's hard to see from our showroom pics. Please give us a call at (617) 547-2067, or we can be reached via e-mail at...
Another small shipment here at Drinkwater's. Today we received: S6A1037 / Banded Long Collar Shirt in Lt. Blue Multi Gauze Stripe XS > XL $265 This fabric is awesome in person. Much more vibrant than our showroom pic, and very light and airy. It will wear nice and cool for when the heat cranks up. (617) 547-2067, gary@drinkwaterscambridge.com, sreyes@drinkwaterscambridge.com Thanks, all!
And today we received: S6A0112 / 19th Century BD Shirt in Red/Lt. Blue Big Plaid XS > XL $220 I THINK I missed this one as well, which came in last week. Sorry in advance if it's a double post: S6D1871 / Chester Coat in Grey PC Glen Plaid XS > XL $540 Drinkwater's Cambridge (617) 547-2067 Thanks!
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