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Quote: Originally Posted by TACO_FLAVORED_KISSES Weird. They only come up in the new arrivals section. I've had my eye on this one:
Anyone know where the brushed twill utility shirts went?
Can anyone compare the fit on J.Crew sweaters to Uniqlo sweaters?
Quote: Originally Posted by KPO89 As far as I know the student discount is only 15% and they don't apply it to shipping. The states we'd have to find with college students and without J. Crew stores to dodge sales tax would be: Idaho, Arizona, North Dakota, South Dakota, or Arkansas. Good idea bro but the probability would be slim. New Hampshire also doesn't have sales tax.
Just got an email saying everything at B&M is 25% through Saturday. I might have to hit up the Men's Shop, although I'm sure they're hiding the Aldens in the back room or something until Sunday.
Just ordered the Mayfair Topcoat with the thinsulate option. Got it for about $350 with a 20% off coupon.
I didn't think the field mechanics looked nearly as good in person as it does online. The fabric looks much cheaper in actuality.
What's the difference between Urban Slim Fit and 484 Slim Fit?
Got the secret wash button down in Blarney Tartan in a medium-tall. Great shirt and a good fit for a tall dude like me. e: Fuckers need to make some medium tall or "slim" option lambswool sweaters pronto.
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