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Sooo is there any difference between a medium-tall and a slim-large?
Is the Uniqlo 2011 stuff posted somewhere?
Cardigans and jackets look pretty sweet. I'll prob get the duffle and that navy caridgan with the brown buttons.
Quote: Originally Posted by JMRouse Anyone have the Mayfair wool herringbone topcoat? How is it? I have been trying to find an overcoat for a while and am considering it. I also have one. The fit is great and its super warm (I also got the thinsulate). My only criticism is that the pocket stance is sort of high so putting your hands in the pocket is a little awkward.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dinky89484 This might be a dumb question, but, what's your take on Alfani Red suits vs. J Crew Ludlow Suits? Alfani Red suits are definitely better quality than H&M right? I own an Alfani Red suit. The quality seems to be about what you pay for, probably right in line with J.Crew. I could post some fit pics if you're interested.
Where can I get a Loop Terry Hoodie in Manhattan? I don't know what size I am so I wanna try some on.
The quality of suits from J.Crew should probably have them priced at about $300. The problem is they list for $500. If you can get one on discount (which is totally possible) it's a fine suit. Regarding the lapels, they offer two suits: Ludlow and Aldridge. The Ludlow is a slimmer cut with narrow lapels. The Aldridge is a more classic (but still relatively slim) cut with normal lapels. If you have a problem with the narrow lapel trend, get the Aldridge. And no they...
What Pure Blue Japan cut would the most similar to an APC New Standard? I've got a pair of rescues now and I like how they fit in the top block but I want something that is a little more tapered below the knee but I want to try a brand other than APC for my next pair.
What is this BiG sizing guideline I hear mentioned all the time?
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