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This might be a retarded question but does anyone know if the Winslow Jacket is waterproof? I badly need a raincoat.
Feel the need to chime in here. I apologized to you for being late responding. It wasn't me trying to take your money, I just don't come on here often. I had sent the glasses and assumed everything was done. Like I said in my message to you, the glasses were not in the condition in the pictures when I sent them. I have no idea how DHL works but if it means I have to go back to their store to get them involved, I'm happy to do it. I still have all the documentation...
$115. Bump.
$120. Bump.
$125. Bump.
$130. Bump.
I'm in NYC.
I ordered these from NeedSupply on a whim but when I got them I realized they don't fit my face well and for the life of me I can't find the paperwork from NeedSupply to return them. Construction on these is great and they're pretty dope looking. They're out of stock currently at NeedSupply but you can still check them out here: Never been worn anywhere except the 1 try-on in my bedroom. Includes original box and...
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