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Quote: Originally Posted by enigma77 Mike's gotten a bunch in over the past six weeks or so. I'm thinking of...
I really like the concept. Website is sweet but definitely needs measurements.
What department stores carry APC denim? I went to the Bloomingdales on Broadway and didn't see any.
Sent you an email about possibly getting a size change on my order, although I imagine you'll probably see my email before this post.
Just ordered the seersucker button-down. My first epaulet experience, I'm quite excited.
Finally medium-tall t-shirts. Just picked up 5 of em including two jaspes'
Quote: Originally Posted by tv2177 something around $225 - $250. you can just call and have the SA locate one for you, since there are quite a few jc retails in NYC. hope that helps. Thanks. I don't suppose if anyone knows if they had a medium-tall version when it was online?
Definitely going to go on a hunt for that toggle coat around NYC after work tomorrow. How much was it when it was online?
What do you guys rock on top with seersucker shorts? I have a pair but I usually feel like I'm clashing.
Quote: Originally Posted by jamesu I'm really confused about what DHL has to do with this. Can you explain what you're planning on saying to them when you call? "I think you guys charge too much." "I sold glasses without the proper description & with misleading pictures and now I would like you to refund my shipping." For the record, I've offered him a refund. The only thing in the pictures I posted that I can tell is off now is the...
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