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Gave my Weird Guys a cold soak today and did some very aggressive lunges around my house with the blinds open.
I grabbed a pair of brand new WG Indigo Selvedge from B&S and sized down 2. Not sure if I need to hot soak, any advice?
How much stretching can I expect from N&F? Is there a general rule on how much to size down?
What's up dudes. Selling my pair of like-new NS tagged 39.
Bump. Drop to $110 shipped CONUS
I bought these at Barneys with the intention of letting them break in but it's cold and I need a pair of jeans that fits well now. Therefore I'm selling these. They're essentially brand new except that the waist has been stretched to about 30"-30.5" from me wearing them around my apartment. No fading whatsoever. No soak or wash. Asking $110 shipped CONUS. Shoot me a PM if you're interested!
Bump. $50.
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