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I get drunk and pass out with all my clothes on a lot so maybe this is the perfect pair for me.
Those painters look pretty cool. Can't seem to find many fit or evo pics for them though. I imagine they don't fade much.
What does N&F have for lighter weight denim? I think my PBJxx007 might be too heavy for the summer months and I'm thinking of picking up a pair of Weird Guys to wear at night.
007s just came. Loving them. I won't bore you with a fit pic but I will make you lust after their slubby goodness. PBJxx007 Porn by bgibb187, on Flickr
Selling a pair of Weird Guys in Indigo Selvedge size 30 in B&S: Pretty much brand new.
I'm selling a pair of Naked & Famous Weird Guys in Indigo Selvedge. They are a size 30 and are essentially brand new. I was the first owner of these but I realized the cut is not for me. There is no fading at all and have only been worn in my apartment a handful of times. They have had one brief cold-soak. Measurements: Waist: 16.25" Thigh: 12" Inseam: 35" I'm asking $85 Shipped to the CONUS. Pictures are attached. Please PM me or post here with any questions.
PM'd you with a question.
I asked for measurements on the ditch pullover in size L and this is what I got:Seems pretty frickin' slim for a sweatshirt.
My Weird Guys post-soak.
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