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I'm pretty interested in a Stark in M in either the black or blue if anyone has any leads also.
Ordered the ditch pullover hoodie in the navy heather. Anyone have any experience?
I wore them for a while then eventually grabbed a pair of Clarks once I had run them into the ground.
Serious bias towards shorter folks on those pants. Bummer.
I had a pair of the suede McAlisters but I had the same gripe you do. They felt flimsy and too unstructured. I prefer Clarks by a good margin.
Saturdays NYC Ditch Pullover N&F 5oz painter denim (might return)
Here's a quick 4S shot of the 5 oz. painter denim. They're even lighter than I expected. Haven't decided if I'm going to keep or not. NF_painter_2 by bgibb187, on Flickr
Looks like the totally redid the site since I visited last. Detailed measurements for every piece. Digging it. Ditto on the parka.
Gahh if this was a 40L I'd be all over it.
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