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Quote: Originally Posted by kmdsimpson It might just be a volume thing for J Crew - look how many BR/Gap stores there are compared to J Crew. Although from this forum it sounds like there's more demand for tall sizes than they realize. But if the BR fits you, get it. You don't have to tell anyone you went there . Only hardcore types will know the difference. Plus, a better fit always looks better and it'll probably be less expensive,...
Quote: Originally Posted by hellrazor yea if jcrew made a medium tall it would be perfect for me. anyone looking for red chambray in medium? have one brand new looking to get rid of since it length is off for me. Banana Republic and GAP both offer medium-tall online, I wish J.Crew would just get on the same wavelength. I might end up just buying my linen shirts from BR even though they don't seem to get much support around here. I went out...
How's the length on the sun-faded oxfords? I'm having a hard time creating a good shirt wardrobe because of my measurements. I'm about 6'3.5" and 170 lbs (ie: tall and skinny). I love J.Crew shirts but while mediums fit me well in the shoulders and chest the sleeves are a tad short and the shirts are too short.
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