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BB 40% off ties today. Slim Red and Slim Navy. Both for $100 shipped, not too bad. I badly need to start getting new dress clothes, going to start simple.
Did I miss the BB Dress shirt sale? I know they already had the Sport Shirt sale but I would love to pick up an Extra-Slim Dress Shirt on discount. They've had a different item go on sale everyday this week and I may have forgotten to check each day.
Not the best picture, but can anyone identify these shades Philip Crangi is wearing?
Give this a looksie: http://www.gq.com/how-to/fashion/200...summer-wedding
Quote: Originally Posted by gwydion http://forwardforward.com/fwd/Displa...oduct=BAND-MP3 I actually really like those, but not for $200.
This is the summer of sweat shorts.
Quote: Originally Posted by Robert Hmm. I doubt you'll have that problem if you go with your usual size. My large is the right length but wouldn't look bad a couple of inches shorter either. Yeah, I'm going to swing by on my way home from work. I'll try it on and probably end up blowing money on something else too.
No links but H&M seems to have some decent options from $15-$25 if you can't afford to drop a ton of cash.
Quote: Originally Posted by Robert Check out the link I provided to the model shot. My fit's not quite as slim but it's close to what you see here. I suspect the model sized down or there's some pinning in back. BUT as I say, it's close to that. EDIT: Use this link instead . They seem to have removed the model pic from the link I first posted. So on this page scroll down and you'll see it under FLEECE, middle photo. Yeah but to be...
like jorts...
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