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It better, my postcard said all shoes at the shoebank will be 20% off. (At least I think it did, I can't find it now. I think my wife tossed it)
I find the MacNeil true to size.
I personally like the Kenwood as a classic slip on loafer.
I'm crossing my fingers, I had very good luck on the bourbon Dalton seconds that I received today, they look fantastic.
I ordered my Daltons in chocolate yesterday!
I would like to see a white and dirty buck shoe (like the Orlean style) with a red dainite sole.
Mayfairs tonight. Wearing a tuxedo and fun socks.
I would return them.
My size fifth avenues sold out pretty quick at Port Washington.
I saw the BB models were 99 also and I was ready to buy 4 pair. I checked again tonight and they are now listed as 199, damn.
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