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zchen, Thank you, that is exactly the information I was looking for.
Question for the group, it seems like Dundee's are only made in cordovan, where they ever made in calf?
Paul, In my opinion, Allen Edmonds represents the finest value in high end men's shoes on the market today. I have just purchased a pair of Regent wing tips during the current sale for $167 and this is an incredible price. I now own over 10 pairs of AE and am building up quite a collection. I won't even look at other brands like Cole-Haan that have gone over seas. Not only are your shoes great looking, but I feel good knowing that I am helping in a small way to employ...
We are the same size so I am interested in your shoes.Charles
I bought those shoes and my heel slippage went away after two full days (non-consecutive) of wearing to work. BTW I also thought the dovetail finishing was subpar on mine as well although not as bad as yours. FWIW I can see ours are creasing the same so far. I really LOVE these shoes and have had lots of compliments on them.
Hi Tom,Any word from the factory as to the status of the above order from last January?Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by edubs01 Which Saphir wax would pair up best with Burnished Tan Calskin - Light or Medium Brown? ^^ Im curious as to which Saphir wax would be the best for Cigar?
Quote: Originally Posted by LeatherSOUL Ok, #8 shortwing, Barrie last with antiqued edgetrim. I'll put the order in. Just placed my order from Ken @ LeatherSOUL today!
Quote: Originally Posted by geoffmartin17 Great shoe, but no way i'm paying 850 bucks for it! We wouldnt have to pay 923.00 or whatever the exchange rate is if a US store made us up some. Put me down as #4 for a shortwing version as well. Tom?
Quote: Originally Posted by alanjav i posted a pic earlier, but here's a more detailed pic of my Alden Horween Cordovan Long Wing Blucher in Color #8 with double oak leather soles. More pics and info on where to buy on my blog. Will a store in the United States please make up a batch of these? Love at first sight!
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