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I have had the benefit of seeing this shoe in person. I don't particularly like the style of the shoe. What is fastastic about it are the materials and workmanship. The best bit is the way the heel cup and the heel fit together so closely. It is finished so that the heel cup looks like it "grew" out of the heel. Theere is hardly, if any, gap at all.[To WSF] How was this achieved? I have not seen this on any modern bespoke shoes. (Which may be a reflection of my exposure,...
I saw Eustace's shoe in the flesh and the heel did have more lift than my pairs of wsf bespoke shoes. J
Lovely. Now as to sizes. Any big sizes, like 11 or 11.5 UK? Is it only available in a G width? J
Nice thread. You guys have a brown plain toe Derby boot RTW (in a grain leather) in the shop at the moment. Could you post pics and a price. I did remark to Gerry that it is very handsome. I think this is the right time of year for WSF to show it off. J
That is the nicest pair of G&Gs I've seen for a mighty long time. J
I would have chosen this shoe, but without the heel counter. Nevertheless this is your choice and the choice has been executed to perfection. The overhead shot is just amazing.. look at the toe cap, the polish job... Delos is really really good. J
Delos is a Don! Wow. Beautiful. Gotta get to Paris and get some. J
I think Delos' shoes - from the photos I have seen and the discussions with Lasbar - are some of the best in the world. I would like some in the future. His round toe is just so "right". I do like the Foster square toe about as much though and rate Emiko Matsuda (Fosters) highly as well. Maybe Mr Delos also makes mistakes... sure he does, but maybe he is more rigorous about what comes his shop than some other makers. Either way his shoes are exquisite yet still...
Nice, but isn't the medallion on the right shoe off a bit? Perhaps it's just the camera angle, but it appears so in two pics. J
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