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Would like to purchase a pant of any material with a black / Grey / Charcoal color.
What is the price you are asking for this?
Many things are now 50% off. Check the site!
1 for GIT
I would like to purchase some Incotex trousers in black, charcoal/grey, navy in size 32 US and would like a slim fit. Please PM or respond if anyone would be interested in selling. Thanks in advance!
Quote: Originally Posted by sellahi22 Who else sells discounted incotex? Aside from shopthefinest and ehaberdasher, who have a couple of random pairs in each size from time to time, I haven't seen them anywhere GiltGroupe has em for 200 pretty often
Could someone please give me some more recommendations on a dress pant? I am looking for a nice slim fit dress pant. Colors are flexible.
I am not against it at all, but I was prepared to drop a good amount of money for a good quality dress shoe and I sort of needed them soon as the ones I have now are crap. But I will be looking out in the future for deals and steals on ebay, and on BS here.
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