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IMO khaki-coloured khakis look awful. Pleated khakis also look awful. Baggy khakis look awful. Fitted, flat-front, navy or black khakis, however, can be a useful addition to a casual wardrobe consisting largely of jeans; for work, however, even in a relatively casual environment with a shirt and no tie, I'd still prefer woollen dress slacks.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sator You will never see John Howard in a black lounge suit, nor any other former prime minister of Australia and nor the Prince of Wales. Really? John Howard: Paul Keating: Gough Whitlam: Tony Blair: Condoleeza Rice: Kofi Annan: Gerhard Schroder: Hu Jintao: Bill Clinton:
Quote: Originally Posted by Sator I would beg to disagree. If you ask any of the older tailors in Sydney or Melbourne I will guarantee that you shall find otherwise. After all the tradition in dress here is English - not Asian. As to whether the epidemic of cheap and nasty black suits afflicts us equally in Australia as in America and Europe then there is no denying it. 'Non-traditional' isn't the same thing as 'taboo'. Black suits during...
Well, *style* is very much a personal thing - whether you prefer solid navy, solid black, black with a self-pattern, black with pinstripes, light grey or fluorescent pink with green polka dots and iridescent glow-in-the-dark lining, it's still style. Whether or not it's *traditional* styling is another matter entirely - this may or may not matter to you, but the ultimate purpose is to *look good*, not to simply follow 'traditional' styling dictates. Black suits, just like...
IMO the 'no black suits during the day' rule is mainly an American thing - it's not seen as a taboo in Australia, most parts of Europe or Asia and is often very classy. It seems to work especially well on young guys, too.
Get a nice leather jacket (preferably not motorcycle style) in whatever colour suits you. Pair it up with a shirt (florals are a favourite of mine), clean, dark jeans and boots. Looks great, casual, but not untidy.
Quote: Originally Posted by nighttrain7404 Hey forum. We've discussed some exclusive brands(kiton, brioni, lobb) and some not so exclusive(calvin klein, Kenneth Cole etc). Wanted to know people's takes on some brands we haven't really covered (Yes..i've searched but haven't found the results I wanted) Bvlgari - watches, wallets, and ties(I already know how you all ove the ties) Hermes - watches, wallets, jackets, shirts, and ties Tommy Bahama...
Former Singaporean PM is rather well-known for his pink shirts, made by CYC Custom Shop in Singapore. IMO pink shirts look great with a white or grey suit (or grey or black trousers if no jacket is worn), either with or without a tie - it gives a stylish, yet youthful and energetic look.
Looks like I'll have to find time to go to Sydney then - is Nakhle open on weekends? How much does he charge anyway?
Where is Charles Nakhle's store? He doesn't seem to have a website... can someone post contact details? Also, how are Charles Edward's shirts? Where is his Melbourne store - he doesn't appear to have a website either. BTW how much will each charge for a good shirt (MOP buttons, preferably thick ones, Sea Island-quality cotton, non-fused collar and French or turnback cuffs)? From what I've heard Nakhle sounds like a good option, but he's in Sydney and I don't have...
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