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Quote: Originally Posted by luftvier Has anyone actually read that blog? It's dammed atrocious. Just read the current first page--I didn't think it was that bad. For guys who it's aimed at (recent college grads who know nothing) it actually has a lot of good advice. What was so offensive?
Nowadays he'd get tossed after hitting the first 3 batters.
I do drink rum & cokes a lot, and a really high quality rum will change/improve the taste of a rum & coke, but it does obscure a lot of the depth in a Zaya or Zacapa. A good way to ease yourself into getting more of the character is to add some lime juice and ice.
Just turn them over so the cover isn't visible? This trend obviously isn't going away. I'm sick of the few times a year I get a GQ that's twice as thick as the rest of the year because they've shoehorned twice as many ads. There's no more content just ads. I'm always pleased to get a slim GQ because I know I don't have to search through 12 pages on either side of the table of contents just to find it.
I don't have a ton of experience in this stuff but if the agency is the one that negotiated your salary (and the woman making more than you) to begin with should they be the ones you should be going to? They may have gotten them to pay more based on her experience level or credentials, or maybe not, but maybe they should be the ones asking for more based on your value? They also would have more of an idea what you're supposed to get paid considering they negotiate salaries...
Quote: Originally Posted by warlok1965 I talk to pretty girls all the time and am never flustered. Like ever. But this one seems a little too interested in me (I'm married) and she's probably a 9. Uh oh. Today on my way to the mens room I ran into her and she complimented me and said they refer to me in her office as "European guy" cuz I'm well dressed. I stumbled out some utterly retarded comment to the effect of I'm not European, or gay either for...
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo How can you hate Nuke? Or Andy? Methinks Kunk objects to their politics.
Zacapa always hits me with a strong chocolate/cocoa flavor, which is a nice contrast from the strong vanilla flavor Zaya I drink the most. They truly are the chocolate and vanilla of premium rums, IMO.
Without his dedication to his daughter and Karen, he's Vince from Entourage. His character needs some sort of source of pain for at least a semblance of audience sympathy to his character, otherwise it's just pure male fantasy, which is the problem with Entourage.
Quote: Originally Posted by lefty One of the things I like about his pics is that they seem to be casual off-the-cuff shots. Do you think that Springsteen shot had a team of stylists, make-up artists and hair people behind the camera? Not necessarily (though it may have been for an actual shoot, in which case some of that were true), but logically speaking this is but one shot from many taken during his life, and it was selected in general...
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