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From what I understand they have the main advantages of LCDs (work better in bright rooms, less power consumption) but have better black level performance, a major weakness of LCDs.
Quote: Originally Posted by stant62 Is the event during the evening? I would prefer that shoe in black (black wholecuts look quite elegant imo). Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel This outfit/event calls for black shoes or oxblood type brown shoes. I think what you have been finding"off" about the outfit is the high contrast of the shoes with the rest of the outfit, particularly in the evening. What they said. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by btlaxripper What's TMZ OK...what is your source for these "facts"?
Quote: Originally Posted by btlaxripper They're facts And your second sentence is pretty much what I am saying, she obviously grabbed it midway of their verbal argument TMZ = facts nowadays? Didn't realize they'd reached that level of authority. My second sentence is not at all what you're saying--your guessing that she had it in the middle of their argument and followed him out there with it, I'm saying it would've easy for her to run...
Quote: Originally Posted by btlaxripper Tiger Woods does not drink. I think he takes his health much too seriously to be getting 3 sheets to the wind enough to crash into a fire hydrant and a tree. Facts: - Tigre has been talking to a New York night club chick - Tigre told a friend that his wife confronted him about his mistress, and began to physically assault him - Tigre's wife broke the back window of his crashed Escalade to pull him out of his...
Quote: Originally Posted by milosz A compilation of (primarily) terrible, bland beardo indie, yes. Cat Power and Spoon are the only acts across two CDs who don't suck. And that's being generous to Cat Power (brilliant up to and including I Am Free, then she sobered up or whatever happened) Guess your standards are higher than mine. I put Bon Iver, Arcade Fire, The National, Grizzly Bear, Iron & Wine, My Morning Jacket, The New...
Quote: Originally Posted by milosz The Dark Was The Night tracklist makes me want to curbstomp an indie kid. Siriux 43 has been playing the Thom Yorke song from this, it's very good. Too bad iTunes won't sell it to me as a single, bastards. A compilation of a bunch of great indie bands/artists makes you feel violent towards "indie kids" (whatever generalization that is)?
Quote: Originally Posted by dusty Whoa wtf? Did they bring Pitchfork in to consult? There's some good stuff on there. It's a decent list of bands with some favorites of mine, but the contributions are not all that great. It's like Dark Was The Night's underachieving little brother.
I miss the E39.
Hint of definition = awesome. Full-on 8-pack, not as great. They definitely seem more cut this year than what I remember from year's past. Yes, still among the most attractive women on the planet.
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