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I like to drink it at bars on the water. Can be refreshing in the open air. But I've never bought a six-pack or had it in my house.
Quote: Originally Posted by m@T I haz management. Tis official. Contribute now to the Ronald McDonald foundation or risk intermittent timeouts for threatening my authority in my own thread.... I contributed a dollar to the St. Jude's children's hospital when checking out at the drug store the other day. Will that suffice?
Thread's not official until it's pinned.
Quote: Originally Posted by breakz Why Suh? Are his stats and performance really that amazing? Was he in this discussion before the Big 12 Championship? Anyway, looks like Charlie Strong is gone to Louisville... He was in the conversation, yes. Stats are hard to accumulate for a DT, but he wreaked havoc all year and was a dominant player on a very good defense.
At the moment, Blake Lively's cleavage on SNL.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria At your height, the traditional thing is to get a one button jacket, wear it for a year or a bit more, and then get it converted into a 3 roll to 2 jacket. - B This is why they hate us.
If it just covers your butt, that is generally accepted at the correct length (though occasionally shorter lengths will be in style and be appropriate, depending on the aesthetic you're going for). Sleeves can be shortened easily.
^^^Do you ever know what you're talking about?
S2000, and for the reasons everyone stated. Most fun on winding roads, unless you have to have low-end V8 grunt, in which case you are not considering this car anyway.
From what I understand they have the main advantages of LCDs (work better in bright rooms, less power consumption) but have better black level performance, a major weakness of LCDs.
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