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Cutting limes after a few, oh yeah. Haven't severed anything yet, fortunately.
Have always hated his stand up, and never liked him in interviews, but I think he's been phenomenal (especially the first 5 seasons) on Rescue Me. Doesn't get talked about enough, what he does on that show, as an actor or a writer.
Was just prescribed antibiotics for a very painful throat infection, that I can't drink while taking or they won't work. And I can't share fluids with anyone. On NYE.
How long were you guys dating? If this was like 3 weeks you're blowing this out of proportion. If it was like a year (even in high school), your friend is not your friend. Even if he doesn't think it's a big deal he knows you do. It's not a big deal to date a friend's ex but not if the two parties were that serious...unless you think you're going to marry the girl, just find a girl who your friend isn't still broken up about.
Quote: Originally Posted by Korben Are you saying Tebow is going to be the 1st overall pick? Am I reading this right? I think the 1st pick will be Ndamukong Suh and 2nd will be Eric Berry. I don't even think Tebow will be the first QB to go. If I miss interpreted what you said I apologize. He's talking about Alex Smith, who he coached at Utah.
I'm surprised people think WA's movies aren't quotable. The dialogue features a couple of one-liners every scene, and half the conversations are phrased unusually. Highly quotable, even if most people don't get the reference like they would from The Hangover. My guess is those people just don't like Wes Andersen's movies? This one always stuck with me: Richie: Margot said you told her I was in love with her. Eli: Why would she tell you that when I specifically asked...
Well-optioned 335i coupe, pocket the extra $5K.
Oh God, no.
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