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I bought The Corrections lately and was looking forward to reading it because of it's acclaim. Of course I picked it up because I wanted to start reading more fiction, and it was on some "new classics" list, and I didn't want to put more time into researching what to read than that. For the Frantzen haters: Who/what should I be reading rather than this?
If you're comfortable figuring out your size, you should be able to get them online for around $475 with the exchange rate (unless it jumped a bunch in like a week since I checked it). And IMO, you're going to appreciate the quality of the leather (and the shape) a lot more in antique brown.
Forgive me for an obvious question as I haven't been on the forum in a while, but is there anywhere to still purchase unworn 5EPxSF other than getting lucky in the BST?
Quote: Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim Cliff Lee is going to win the AL Cy young this year. I'm just saying. Not if he gets traded to the NL.
Quote: Originally Posted by ruben Beat me to it. Nice read.
The blonde from Chuck FTW. Obligatory January Jones mention, and Alison Brie = absolutely.
...don't respond?
We doing this again? Yahoo just opened for starting 2010 leagues.
You're right, girls never seek attention from other men when they're in a committed relationship. This is so unusual.
Searching for sad turtle pic...
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