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I bought The Corrections lately and was looking forward to reading it because of it's acclaim. Of course I picked it up because I wanted to start reading more fiction, and it was on some "new classics" list, and I didn't want to put more time into researching what to read than that. For the Frantzen haters: Who/what should I be reading rather than this?
If you're comfortable figuring out your size, you should be able to get them online for around $475 with the exchange rate (unless it jumped a bunch in like a week since I checked it). And IMO, you're going to appreciate the quality of the leather (and the shape) a lot more in antique brown.
Quote: Originally Posted by dinted voice J - Still loving my trousers and wearing them today! Any chance of some suits without the patch pockets in the future? Not that the current selection is lacking....they look great. I have the same question. As my first navy blazer, your model is near perfect except that I'd prefer flap pockets. Also, are there any photos floating around (even from WAYWT) that showcase the suits or blazers on...
Forgive me for an obvious question as I haven't been on the forum in a while, but is there anywhere to still purchase unworn 5EPxSF other than getting lucky in the BST?
Quote: Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim Cliff Lee is going to win the AL Cy young this year. I'm just saying. Not if he gets traded to the NL.
Quote: Originally Posted by ruben http://deadspin.com/5482198/my-roger...yline=true&s=i Beat me to it. Nice read.
The blonde from Chuck FTW. Obligatory January Jones mention, and Alison Brie = absolutely.
...don't respond?
We doing this again? Yahoo just opened for starting 2010 leagues.
You're right, girls never seek attention from other men when they're in a committed relationship. This is so unusual.
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