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Nice to know my Florida boys still remember me. I still check in from time to time to do research when I need to make a purchase, just lost the time for the day-to-day I guess (though I do miss DT).
Holy crap, I didn't realize you were a moderator now.
Don't like the shape as much as the 337, which has more definition in the toe. Some perusing of Pediwear's site has identified the Grenson 96 last and Tricker's 4537 last as potential approximations, though not quite as elegant from the angles I've seen as the 337, both are cheaper than the C&J handgrade line.
So to get back to discussing C&J pricing...if I'm reading this all correctly then PLAL is still the cheapest at $475-500 depending on currency exchange movements IF they have your size/style in stock, which is growing scarcer, otherwise, Pediwear and C&J direct are about the same. Damn, I remember when the handgrade line was a little over $400. Not ready to start spending $6-700 on C&Js or Vass, unfortunately, so I guess I'll start looking into lines in the $250-400...
My apologies if this has been discussed recently, a few searches didn't turn up any definitive answer. I'm looking to pick up a pair of handgrade line and was curious where the current lowest price was to have to shipped to the U.S.--is it still PLAL? Pediwear? Is there some other source where they can be had for less than $475? Any SF discounts out there? Thanks in advance.
Can't hold a candle to her husband.
Goldeneye was the first Bond movie I saw all of (and in the theater), so Famke will always have a special place in my heart.
You could go certified pre-owned (at a premium of course) and get 4 years of piece of mind in the way of extended warranty and free maintenance. Not sure they do CPO back those model years though. In my experience, the BMW offers the better driving experience and the Benz a little more isolation from the road. I think I drove an E-class around that model year and it had an electronic throttle that felt pretty strange, and the steering is a little wooden compared to the...
In at least one color:
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