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Well, winter, which here is really just a sum total of the coldest days smattered across a few months. It was a gorgeous, breezy, clear-skyed and sunny 75 degrees today (the reason we all tolerate the long, humid summers), but still too warm to be comfortable outside in these. Haven't had the chance to have them hemmed yet so they haven't actually seen active duty yet, but I'm hoping to have them ready for a truly "cold" day (which for us means overcast with a high in...
Thanks - I bought them knowing they may only see regular wear during a short time of the year but I really like heavier wools for their drape and texture vs. paper-thin tropical weight. I do go from A/C apt. to A/C car to A/C office and back the same way a lot of days so their warmth isn't hugely prohibitive.I guess I was also thinking about what shade brown shoes/belt. Is it more common to go darker than the brown of the pants, or does tan work as well?
Recently bought a pair of brown tweed trousers: They're a little outside my grey/blue comfort zone and I'm curious what shirt/shoes colors to wear with them. They do have appear to have some green flecks in them like a rich complex tweed can. My workplace is no jacket/no tie so those aren't a near-term concern. Any fail-safe ideas? Pics appreciated (Google image search oddly provided precious few)....
I think their email responses are hit or miss depending on how busy they are, but regarding the belt, I ordered a size 34 for a true 33.5-34 waist and it just fit the last rung, so I'd go up one size from what your pants actually measure across the waistband.
A couple of questions for the proprietor or anyone who would know: 1) Will the opening of the NYC store eventually allow us to order items online (or via phone even) in static USD pricing w/ less shipping costs (I assume)? 2) Does anyone know the width (in mm or inches) of the Anderson's A/0325 belts? Really like the look of these but wanted to confirm the width. Thanks.
I'd say for the most part yes, with the caveat that it's snug to start (as a loafer should be) and it's on the narrow side with a fairly low instep. I'm a 7.5E in C&J and 8.5 in most US shoes and the Uetam fit like you'd want a loafer too out of the box everywhere except my instep which was extremely tight to the point it was difficult to get them on. My instep tends to be a little high for most shoes that fit perfect everywhere else for me. I'm probably going to keep...
Farfetch. Free returns and the color I preferred (I felt the difference was clear) made it a fairly simple choice. For future Carmina purchases I'll continue to check all of the Carmina distributors for selection & pricing.
I certainly appreciate the desire to support forum affiliates and I'm sure GF is a pleasure to deal with, I would point out, however, that the color they're carrying appears to be the darker Natur Marron rather than their baseline Vegano Marrion, at least to my eye. I do check out their stock from time to time to see if any models catch my eye.
Farfetch automatically converts to your home currency - you're seeing, I assume, CAD, and I'm seeing USD (which is actually $365 but w/ shipping ends up at $399). Again - Farfetch offers free returns, so part of the appeal here is that I can try the size/last and send back if they don't work for me.Thanks for your thoughts.
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