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For sale are Carmina penny loafers on the Uetam last, size 7.5 UK/8.5 US. These will ship in the original box with the red Carmina felt shoe bags (as pictured). I wore these out of the house exactly once before realizing they're a little too small for me (see minimal sole wear), so they're in near-mint condition. They were polished with Saphir products beforehand and stored in shoe trees after. $250 shipped to the continental 48. Would discuss shipping elsewhere if buyer...
Got your email - thanks and no problem.
Anyone know the return policy? I have a belt I ordered from the NYC store that I'd like to send back, which I emailed them about a few days ago to no response. Do I just send it back?
Thanks. I'd be surprised if my Gmail address is getting caught in their junk filter as I have corresponded w/ Luisa in the past, but I'll keep that in mind. Feels a little odd that I have to work this hard to get them to take my money, but I understand their still a relatively fledgling company with growing demand (thanks in no small part to SF and it's satellite blogs, I'm sure).So is Luisa the correct contact? I've seen several correspondences with Pepe, would he be a...
Does anyone have a good contact for MTO? I've emailed Luisa and used the form on their website twice over the past month, with no response.
I had been using USPS, which is quite useful once it leaves Europe, but it did actually kick out of customs the night after I posted this. Good to know I can contact them if needed in the future.
I'm a 7.5 UK in the Rain and Hiro. Hiro is maybe a tad roomier, but definitely same size.
Ordered a belt that they shipped immediately on the 7th, it his customs in New York on the 10th, and it's been sitting there ever since. Any ideas how long that can take? I have previously ordered shoes from them that were only in customs for a couple of days if I'm recalling correctly. Is there anything to be done to expedite the process?
J. Crew slim University Coat:
As a follow up I called shortly after posting and got great help from Jeff. He measured a belt for me right away and even sent an email with a picture for clarity. He also quoted me a price in USD and recommended ordering from the NYC store (vs. online ordering) to save on shipping. I called back later and another associate pulled up our email exchange instantly and took my credit card info, and had it shipped the next morning.If there's an item you have your eye on and...
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