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Quote: Originally Posted by borderline Has anyone tried these? Looks like they only come in full sizes. If anyone knows if they run small or big that would be useful. Comments on quality/comfort? http://canvas.landsend.com/pp/Canvas...6&origin=index I'm wondering about the sizing/quality/comfort of these as well. I may just bite the bullet and order a pair, but I typically wear 11.5 so the full size only is throwing me off.
Once per day minimum. Any less and it gets disgustingly oily.
Quote: Originally Posted by cptjeff Try a double edge and traditional soap. It doesn't put nearly as much pressure on your skin as a modern razor, resulting in less razor burn since you're not pressing, just letting the razor cut. Go to a local barbershop and have them give you a traditional shave, it'll be a straight razor, but it should give you an idea if that'll work for you. +1 to the Double Edge razor. I have extremely sensitive skin...
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