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I will post my pics of the PS shoes when they arrive.
The two pair on the right are on their way to Ohio...I ordered them on Monday!
Quote: Originally Posted by shoe well, now you changed your avatar again. i am beginning to think you meant 1200 for those boots in the avatar. as they are part of the new fall/winter lineup as well. it would not make sense for the bentivegna boots to be 1200 , although if they really were, i am going to pool from all resources to get one, because that is one hell of a deal. I am playing with your emotions.... $1,250 for the ones...
Have you contacted Santoni? I know that would have been my first move.
I am having them email me to confirm it wasn't the Hodge.... (boot in my avatar) I may have been wrong....
Quote: Originally Posted by A Harris That is exactly what I was thinking, it sounds way too low. I will call Santoni again.
Quote: Originally Posted by shoe jsherman, what is that shoe in your avatar? and that boot is 1200 only? that looks to have a bentivegna welt , that is a really good price for a bentivegna boot. The shoe in the avatar is a pair of Santoni handmades I purchased from their store in NYC a year or so ago.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cantabrigian I really wish I were cool enough to wear those even though I don't have a Land Rover. I was at Nordstrom and someone was ordering those while I was waiting in line. $1,200 if I remember correctly. Cool boots until you get them wet, or god forbid salt hits them!
Spring/Summer I have...Fall is what I am waiting on.
I am never content...and do not plan on changing anytime soon.
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