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Quote: Originally Posted by shoe jsherman, what is that shoe in your avatar? and that boot is 1200 only? that looks to have a bentivegna welt , that is a really good price for a bentivegna boot. The shoe in the avatar is a pair of Santoni handmades I purchased from their store in NYC a year or so ago.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cantabrigian I really wish I were cool enough to wear those even though I don't have a Land Rover. I was at Nordstrom and someone was ordering those while I was waiting in line. $1,200 if I remember correctly. Cool boots until you get them wet, or god forbid salt hits them!
Spring/Summer I have...Fall is what I am waiting on.
I am never content...and do not plan on changing anytime soon.
Quote: Originally Posted by ggmerino Update: Got my money back on the fake bag- including postage! I think the hints I dropped that I would contact PayPal, Ebay, my credit card company and Mont Blanc regarding his business helped him do the right thing. Bought a legitimate Mont Blanc bag for $550 from Altman Luggage- very nice staff and about $400 less than I could find anywhere else (heard their mail order is a nighmare...
five years? It seems a bit odd that it took that long to decide they do not fit. I would also suggest getting them looked at or stretched. You could bring them to Nordstrom and ask them what they suggest....outside of getting your money back. As for Ferragamo, that would be a waste of your time. I bought a messenger bag from Neiman last July and the strap snapped off while I was traveling....NM refused to do anything and Ferragamo said it was outside of their...
I love the grain of the shoes!
pants pocket....
I have a good relationship with Nike and receive certain items for free. Why I do not try to be overly matchy-matchy, I like the new technology of athletic clothing. I am not a fan of having my t shirt stick to me like I just jumped in a pool with it on. To each his own. I like looking appropriate. Cut off t shirts and old nasty sweatpants do not cut it for me. And no, I am not gay either.
Both pairs of Gravatis were worn ONE time and were purchased by a local retailer for full price. They are in perfect condition and are NOT seconds or irregulars. The AE fairfax have been worn about 10 times and have always had toppy's on them. They are in flawless condition. Thank you. -Jeff
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