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I had a buyer do that to me back in May...it was just resolved two weeks ago. Paypal does you no good for chargebacks.
Tan or chestnut
Quote: Originally Posted by grimslade Narrower? I think you meant "wider." no, I mean narrower. Their shoes always run too wide.
I like the looks of the Gilbert...now if C&J would only make a narrower shoe.
I talked to a Burberry rep today and was told the British made items are poor quality and not worth the money. Hickey Freeman makes all the items in the US, so the quality is at least decent. He mentioned to me that he would highly suggest not buying the LONDON/British made items. He also mentioned to me that all the womens' bags are now being made in China which is really pissing people off...I guess.
I will post my pics of the PS shoes when they arrive.
The two pair on the right are on their way to Ohio...I ordered them on Monday!
Quote: Originally Posted by shoe well, now you changed your avatar again. i am beginning to think you meant 1200 for those boots in the avatar. as they are part of the new fall/winter lineup as well. it would not make sense for the bentivegna boots to be 1200 , although if they really were, i am going to pool from all resources to get one, because that is one hell of a deal. I am playing with your emotions.... $1,250 for the ones...
Have you contacted Santoni? I know that would have been my first move.
I am having them email me to confirm it wasn't the Hodge.... (boot in my avatar) I may have been wrong....
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