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New Price- $325 Shipped
new lower price....
Wanted something a bit smaller than my Panerai, so went with this Ball: I ordered it with a croc strap...I will post pics once it arrives.
I am selling a brand new pair of Santoni Lambert Monk Straps in Taupe. (mid-brown) I ordered these from Nordstrom and had them topied and had heel taps put on. They are brand new. I decided to pick up another pair of monks I fell in love with. These are an 8.5 which fits a US 9. Offering these for $325 shipped. (Sole^) (natural light picture^)
Quote: Originally Posted by PorterInjax and only XL in crewnecks...damnit What color are you looking at? There are plenty up now.
Thanks for the many suggestions- while I have experienced death with my relatives, at the ripe age of 35 I have not deal with many friends passing away. I have a five year old son, and could not imagine going at it alone with an infant and grieving a death of a spouse.
She is going to be buried on Friday. I appreciate the input.
I am stunned, but also wondering what to do? Her and her husband are both Jewish, and I am not sure what I should do. The baby is doing well, but the mother did not make it through. I would welcome any suggestions. Thanks.
What a bunch of haters....they are fine. I have a pair of studio that have lasted me over the past five or six years.
I use a soap and lotion that is made for chlorine... I purchased it online at www.swimoutlet.com It works wonders.
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