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dalmine makes a great merino sweater
I think you could wear the above shoes for dress work occasions. I am a firm believer that "we" all care more than anyone else....most people do not even notice
I find they fit wider- and a bit longer
Thanks! I will chalk these up to another pair of boots/shoes that do not fit.
I am puzzled why the right boot has such a visible break- where the left one is perfect. Any remedies for this? Thank you.
Just wanted to give an update. Kirby had the items shipped next day and really came through for me. I really appreciate the response I received as well as the items! Thanks Kirby.
I wanted to provide The Hanger Project some proper feedback: I ordered about $85 worth of leather cleaning products on September 28th- Usually they ship items within a few days. About seven days later I sent an email to find out the ETA on the order as some of the items were for a gift. I received their automated email right away and then an email later the following day that said the warehouse has dealt with moving issues and will be shipping that day. I then received an...
Brand new - ALDEN SNUFF SUEDE PLAZA LAST GEORGE BOOTS- 8.5 D. NEW IN BOX. I purchased these from Leffot. (Ended up not needing them)
The original rubber sole was removed. The new one was stitched.
I believe stitched.
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