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PM sent
Received my two Isaia shirts yesterday. Bump for a great seller!
Just received the RLPL Glen Plaid... Pictures did not do it justice - it really is incredible. Bump for a great seller and fast shipper - would most definitely buy from again. Thanks Knowledge is King!
I'll second some of the positive comments others have left - I ordered three pairs about six weeks ago and have received two of the three so far. One pair came after two weeks, the other after about four. I expect the last pair shortly. I've had no communication problems and the shoes were exactly what I ordered and packed well.
I owe some feedback, some from awhile back, some recent. I have had excellent overall interactions with and received some great items from all of the following: gregaz AnGeLiCbOrIs allaboutshoes viral mfmadam Thanks!
bump for great seller. received pants today - fast shipping - exactly as described. thanks!
bump for very responsive seller!
PM sent on #2
PM sent on #12
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