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These guys showed up on today $85 dollars minimum charge for international orders, I think I will stick with my mother, shes a dab hand at it now haha
I also recommend Avast or AVG, preferably Avast! Its free, it updates everyday at least! and highly configurable Not had a virus since its been installed and I visit some dubious websites
Don't you have a ted baker store nearby, just go in and ask if they would be able to get them for you. I'm pretty new here but I think its quite a common request, I think I even saw a thread dedicated to this.... something about ordering by proxy
Recently I've started saying 'Thats what she said'. I know its unrelated and pretty idiotic but it makes me laugh, and my friends
Thats pretty awesome, and to think it grounded most of europe, I had friends travelling back home that got stuck on 'extended' holidays.... whats not too like!
Its clearly mentioned and photographed, If he didnt read the description its his own fault. I would let him leave you negative feedback, dont you still get a chance to explain yourself on the feedback page for prospective buyers to read? Im pretty sure that ebay would side with you, but empty your paypal account and remove your card details before he puts up a dispute!
Im new around here aswell, Didn't know if I should have started another thread so thought I would post in this one, I'm from Newcastle by the way!
amazing photos, Cant wait to visit NY for myself later this year!
I seem to hoard watches I have 10 of them and 6 dont really see the light of day, I would never sell any of them though, they all mean something to me
Its most likely spammers harvesting your info to sell to marketing companies, if your email is listed take a look at the amount of spam you recieve after accepting these 'people' I bet it matches up with your activities...... blah blah blah
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